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How the Tech do I use this? 5 Reasons Why SIMStation is so SIMple to use - Sim & Skills

How the Tech do I use this? 5 Reasons Why SIMStation is so SIMple to use


The challenges brought about by the pandemic have led to great technical innovations and have accelerated the need for new technologies and approaches to healthcare simulation.

Technology moves pretty fast, but in the race to keep up with the latest developments, how can you ensure that your simulation centre is offering the very best experience for your students and clinicians?

SIMStation Essential impressive solutions for medical training and simulation centres

Just as importantly, how do you go about advancing your medical simulation set up without needing a Masters degree in computer science or video production? At Sim & Skills, we understand how difficult it can be to get your whole team on board when faced with the prospect of mastering new technology.

One of the most beneficial technological developments in medical simulation has been the use of Audio and Visual recording and debriefing systems. These systems create incredibly realistic training conditions, designed to be flexible and meet the needs of each clinical scenario. The recordings provide clinicians and students with a debriefing facility that allows for evaluation and assessment of the processes and simulation data.

If you're considering the move to intuitive and highly flexible Audio and Video recording systems for your simulation centre, then SIMStation is the best option for you.

Is SIMStation easy to use?

Sim Technicians and clinicians need their software and hardware to be intuitive and easy to set up, so they can get on with the job of supporting their students. They need a system that encompasses simulation, recording and debriefing, all in one product.

SIMStation’s AV simulation systems provide realistic, controlled and goal-oriented simulation training that deliver everything you need.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why SIMStation is so SIMple to use

1. All in one solution

SIMStation takes you through all the steps to achieving your perfect Simulation set up. Providing support all the way through from the initial consultation, planning and development through to installation and on-going support.

The state-of-the-art hardware and technically advanced software is very simple to set-up. SIMStation’s AV simulation solutions are incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

SIMStation AV systems are easy to use and intuitive


2. Completely Customisable

SIMStation Enterprise is a fully customisable product, designed to meet the needs of each institution’s individual requirements. Whatever size building, configuration of space or numbers of users you have, all needs can be met using this highly flexible system.

Complex simulation scenarios involving multiple simulation rooms and professional examination scenarios can be implemented. SIMStation can meet the needs of your Simulation centre, whilst also being incredibly easy to navigate and use.

SIMStation Essential weighing just 22kg is completely mobile

3. Ultra Mobile Simulation

Stored in compact aluminium boxes, the ultra-mobile SIMStation Essential is easy to transport, can be set up anywhere at any time, and is ready for immediate use - so even small teams can run simulations quickly and effectively. This allows users - especially in the field of medical in-situ simulation - numerous, flexibly configurable application possibilities. Perfect conditions to run preclinical and clinical skills training in the authentic environment of the real workplace. 


Mobile simulation ideal for pre-clinical skills and emergency medicine

4. Scalable Solutions

SIMStation's innovative product lines can be specifically scaled according to the modular principle. The basic equipment of each product line can be expanded with numerous compatible Audio and Video devices, computers and tablets. Whether as a mobile simulation unit or as a comprehensive setup for a simulation centre - the high flexibility of SIMStation systems allows the implementation of individual solutions adapted to the requirements and expectations of the users. 

SIMStation simulation software connects to your existing devices


5. Extensive debriefing and remote learning possibilities

SIMStation’s software allows for the targeted recording, control and transmission of all your simulation data, giving you full transparency and evaluation of the simulation process.

Every debriefing player is also a transmission player. Simulations can be broadcast live to multiple rooms at the same time.

In addition, you have the option to export your recordings in a cross-platform video format which gives you the option to produce training videos. Your simulation videos can be stored as files ready to be edited and used online for remote learning.

SIMStation simulation debriefing and remote learning


Interested in finding out more?

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