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Virtual Reality Distraction Therapy

Pain Reduction

VR distraction therapy can reduce the use of pain killers.

Lowered Anxiety

Trials have shown significant reductions in anxiety and stress.

Caring for Carers

Projects to help frontline healthcare workers improve their mental health.

Guided by Professionals

A nurse/doctor guides the patient through the VR experience.

What is DR. VR?

The patient wears a virtual reality headset and is immersed in an environment designed to relieve their symptoms.

Guided by a healthcare professional who has control of the experience via a remote tablet, the patient is transported to a world where they can experience:

  • Reduced pain
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Relief from depression
  • Faster post-stroke rehabilitation and more...
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DR. VR Content


patient-focussed experiences


minute immersive environments


static (anti motion-sickness) 4K documentaries


360/VR awe-inspiring activities

Each solution contains

Everything required to deliver a patient VR experience and is all controlled by the healthcare professional through a tablet. The tablet allows each healthcare professional to gather data on the effectiveness of the experience and access data from all of the DR.VR solutions to effectively choose the right experience. This includes:

  • Craft Engineered Pico G2 Headset
  • Samsung Tablet
  • 50 VR Sanitary Eye Masks
  • Quality, Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Carry case with built in charging points
  • Step by step instructions
  • 6 High quality, immersive 7.5 minute experiences

Each of the documentary style experiences have been created to offer your patients an escape from their reality.

4 Documentary Experiences:
 Each documentary is filmed in high quality (4K), 360 degrees from a static point, reducing the chance of patients suffering from motion sickness.

Patients can travel around the cities of the world, swim under the oceans, come face to face with the animal kingdom and relax in some of the most beautiful settings in the world all from the healthcare institution.

 2 360/VR Experiences:
 DR.VR also contain two experiences for the more adventurous patient where they can travel among the planets in the solar system or experience surfing, skydiving and other adrenaline fuelled activities.

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DR VR. featured on BBC News

BBC News: DR.VR trials at Llandough Hospitals Cystic Fibrosis Unit


Dr. VR - Virtual Reality Distraction Therapy

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