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Multi-Venous IV & Injection Training Arm (Optional Pump)

SKU LF01273
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£888.00 - £1,325.00
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Colour: Dark
Circulation Pump: without pump

NEW and improved evolution of the best-selling Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Arm (LF01121) with complete venous access. This trainer simulates a complete full-size adult male arm.

5-Year Warranty

New for 2020, the Multi-Venous IV & Injection Arm has been upgraded with soft, lifelike skin with a realistic feel and is long-lasting and durable. Featuring a narrowed floating vein site and complete with intramuscular and intradermal injection sites.

Practise blood drawing (phlebotomy) and intravenous infusion: primary vein, secondary vein and IV access. Non-visible/non-palpable vein access and rolling, disappearing and “difficult” vein access simulation.

Life/form® Multi-Venous IV & Injection Arm: Complete Venous Access Training

Hand veins

• Dorsal metacarpal veins
• Dorsal intercapitular veins
• Branch of cephalic vein of thumb

Arm veins

• Basilic vein
• Cephalic vein
• Median cephalic vein
• Median basilic vein
• Median cubital vein
• Median antebrachial vein
• Accessory cephalic vein

Optional continuous circulation pump.

Industry-leading 5 year warranty included.

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