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Simulaids® SMART STAT Patient Simulator

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Models: SMART STAT Basic

Simulaids® SMART STAT Patient Simulator with iPad®

High fidelity, wireless and tetherless adult human manikin. SMART STAT patient simulator has light-reactive pupils, cyanosis and difficult airway features.

Simple to operate, wireless and tetherless, 34 kg adult human manikin. SMART STAT patient simulator has all the technological features you have come to expect from high fidelity patient simulators, at a surprisingly low cost.

A reliable, affordable and realistic 'sim-man' of rugged construction enables you to train in austere environments.  The portable, intuitive and reliable iPad control system offers the opportunity for a wide range of simulation training exercises across many medical disciplines.

Main Features of SMART STAT Patient Simulator:

  • Wireless and tetherless connectivity for easy in-situ simulation.
  • Light reactive pupils to simulate neurological conditions.
  • Difficult airway - Oedema of the Tongue and Larynx for challenging intubation.
  • Fluid secretions - tears, nasal mucus, foaming mouth.
  • ETCO2 discharge.
  • Pre-recorded voice including vomiting sounds.
  • Wireless microphone for instructor dialogue.
  • Lips and fingernails with cyanosis and CO flushing.
  • Bilateral BP and IV arms.
  • IO access in the manubrium.
  • External jugular catheterisation.
  • 5-lead ECG monitoring & defibrillation.
  • Urinary catheterisation (Foley functional) with interchangeable genitalia.
  • Abdominal sounds in 4 quadrants.
  • Fluids on-board, including IV blood and urine output.
  • To emulate vascular difficulties or disease states, each pulse point can be shut down.
  • Lower left leg battery — up to 3.5 hours of operation per charge (extra battery legs are recommended).

More SMART STAT Patient Simulator features:

  • On-board air compressor with no external connections or baggage to move.
  • Advanced Deluxe Intubation Head with oral and nasal intubation, break-out teeth, tongue oedema, laryngospasm, cricothyrotomy and moveable eyelids. The silicone head skin utilises a thin material meaning the mouth opens naturally when the head is in the sniffing position for intubation.
  • Heart and lung sounds: Includes 6 anterior and 4 posterior lung sound speakers and 4 heart sound speakers that allow for sounds to be heard in the appropriate places. Stridor is heard in the upper lung speakers and base wheezes are heard in the four lower lung speakers, etc.
  • 12 always-active pulse points, in pairs, carotid, femoral, popliteal, pedal (dorsal arch), brachial, and radial.
  • Distal pulses drop off with BP set below 70 mmHg systolic.
  • BP settings of systolic and diastolic values with individual settings for the amplitude of the speaker sounds and to obtain an auscultatory gap.
  • IM/SubQ injection sites bilaterally in the deltoid and on the right thigh.
  • Bilateral chest complications of tension pneumothorax and chest tube insertion — no damage is done to the manikin and can be reused immediately (replacement skins included).
  • Spontaneous respiration with chest movement.
  • Stomach distention.
  • Pericardiocentesis.

SMART STAT Upgrade Options:

Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Lower Arm and Lower Leg and Sim Vitals 5-Line Monitor, I/O Lower Leg, Amputated Right Lower Leg and Amputated Left Lower Arm with bleeding and response to correct tourniquet. Trauma Overlay Flash Moulage. Additional Battery Leg for ease in transition of ongoing sessions and scenarios.

Which SMART STAT model is best for you?

SMART STAT Model Comparison ChartView the comparison chart here.

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