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Immersify is a key component of Student-Powered Simulation

Immersify for Nursing

Interactive education mapped to the NMC Standards

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About Immersify

Immersify provides lecturers and academics with interactive resources spanning from beginner to advanced content, for a comprehensive learning experience.

Augmented Reality

Understand anatomy like never before

Artificial Intelligence

Personalised and inclusive learning

Expert Content

Expert advice for delightful shopping

Student Performance Tools

Proficiency evidence and attainment

An independent study of Immersify concluded


of users agree that the platform has high quality visuals and resources.


say that Immersify makes studying more enjoyable.


of Immersify users think that it’s relevant to them and their studies.


find the platform useful to prepare for their exams.

Do you want your uni to use Immersify?

Immersify is your go-to resource for immersive and engaging study sessions. Immersify offers interactive modules and a wide range of resources that can help you enhance your knowledge and develop the skills you need to excel in your studies. Trust Immersify to make your nursing studies effective and to offer additional hands-on experience.

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What people think about Immersify


"I love the way this app uses interactive 3D models to help educate, as if we were learning in-person. The models are high resolution and manoeuvring them is easy. Plus, there are many lessons available. A great experience."

Isaac - Student

"COVID-friendly, case-by-case patient simulation possible anywhere on our smartphones! The augmented reality models talek the learning experience to a while differnt level."

Queen Mary University of London

We decided to purchase the Immersify platform to support our students with technological enhanded resources that can support their learning experience and help them with their studies."