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Simulaids® Flexible Rescue Randy Manikin

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165 cm (5 ft 5 in) flexible rescue dummy for extrication and manual handling training.

Weight 28 kg (61 lb).

Flexible Rescue Randy Manikin

Flexible Rescue Randy Manikin developed especially for the aerospace industry and wing tank fuel cell rescue training, but it can be utilised in any confined space rescue.

It exceeds the flexibility of the regular Rescue Randy products (1300 series item numbers) because the waist flexes and the head twists to allow positioning of the manikin under dashboards, in tight spots, and under things where the Regular Randy will not go.

Features of Flexible Rescue Randy:

  • Bends at the waist.
  • Head swivels.
  • Wrists swivel.
  • Elbow, knee, shoulder, and thigh joints move.
  • The interior of the manikin is hollow around the waist so that it will bend by collapsing on itself.

These features make it easier to conform the body to the positions necessary to manoeuvre the patient around the baffles in the wing tanks of aeroplanes.

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