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leonardo adult patient simulator

Simulation training for acute adult care emergencies

Leonardo is a high-fidelity patient simulator designed for high-quality simulation training. 

Easy to use

Simple to set up, durable and easy to run

Extensive functionality

A high-fidelity simulator designed to support the most challenging tasks in healthcare simulation

Fully immersive

Realistic, with life-like weight, height and patient physiology

Use with real ventilators

The only patient simulator to include comprehensive training in ventilation management

Leonardo Adult Patient Simulator

Realistic, robust and reliable

Use with your own medical devices

Lifelike weight (150lbs/68kg) and height (5'9'/180cm)

Tetherless connection, with up to 8 hours of battery life

Realistic, seamless skin, easy to clean


The only patient simulator to include comprehensive training in ventilation management

Leonardo can be used with your own mechanical ventilators. 

The software makes it possible to set compliance and resistance for a complete clinical case.

Pressure/volume control, pressure support, APRV, PAV, HFOV, NIV, PEEP (5-20cm H2O).

Use Leonardo with a real ventilator or use it with the virtual anaesthesia machine

The virtual ventilator can be used with Leonardo or as a standalone training device.

Ideal for teaching the full functionality and application of ventilation equipment.

Comprehensive and intuitive, the virtual anaesthesia machine helps you train and test.


Leonardo's software gives you so many scenario possibilities

With Leonardo's intuitive software, you can create your own simulation scenarios or choose from the pre-programmed scenarios, developed by simulation experts.

The complete range of software includes: 

Instructor tablet

Scenario builder

Patient monitor

Debrief viewer with action log

CPR Performance tracker (real-time)

Virtual manual defibrillator

Choose a heart rhythm from the software's library or create a rhythm specific to your training needs

Leonardo comes with a bedside monitor which is powerful, easy to use and a flexible training tool.


Head tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust

Bag valve mask (BVM)


Orotracheal intubation

ET tube


Chest compressions

ECG monitoring

Defibrillation with a real device

Neurological Assessment


Programmable blinking

Programmable pupils

Pupillary light reflex

Orotracheal intubation

Chest compressions

Pupillary response

Bag valve mask (BVM)

ECG monitoring

Various pupil sizes


Defibrillation with a real device

Programmable blinking

Leonardo's Key Features

Vital Signs

Pulse palpation (12 points)

Monitoring blood pressure

Pulse of the radial artery

Add Leonardo's trauma modules

Increase your training possibilities with Leonardo's range of trauma modules.