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Reusable Fluid Supply Bag - 500 ml

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Reusable Fluid Supply Bag - 500ml

Specifically designed by Sim & Skills to deliver the highest quality while keeping the cost low, these reusable 500ml fluid bags are made from durable plastic and can be reused many times.

Complete with approximately 1.7m of 5mm (outer diameter) clear tubing with a universal 5-10mm push-fit connector enabling connection to a wide range of training models. The tubing has a roller clamp to control the flow of fluid and a handy tube clip to ensure the connector does not get damaged or contaminated by falling on the floor.

The stopper has an integrated hook for attaching to a fluid supply stand, and a twist lock to ensure no fluid escapes from the bag accidentally. Approximate fluid measurements in millilitres are printed on the front of the bag to help with accurate filling.

Commonly used with venepuncture and injection training arms, for example, our best-selling Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Training Arm LF01121.

Most IV training arm setups require two bags, one for the blood supply, positioned on a fluid supply stand if not using an automatic circulation pump. Another bag is used for drainage.

Keeping the fluid system contained within two bags means that the artificial blood mixture can be reused.

This reusable fluid supply bag is supplied empty. We advise using distilled or deionised water when making artificial blood. Impurities in tap water can cause bacteria and mould to build up within the vein system which causes blockages and damage to the product. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use.

This fluid supply bag is for training purposes only. It is not sterile and must not be used for patient care of humans or animals.

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