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Simulated Electronic Patient Record

SimEPR is an innovative educational electronic patient record system designed to digitally transform your medical simulation training


Paper notes are outdated

Although electronic patient record systems are increasingly prevalent in clinical settings, simulation training continues to use paper based methods, such as paper notes, paper drug charts and investigation results printed on paper.

Training is therefore not representative of true clinical practice, and new staff complete training with minimal experience using electronic systems in patient care.

SimEPR replaces paper-based notes in medical simulation training


An educational electronic patient record

SimEPR provides a platform for medical educators to create electronic patient records for their simulation scenarios. The system is designed to be used on a computer at the mannequin’s bedside.

The software creates a realistic educational experience whilst integrating digital skills with practical clinical training.

SimEPR software alongside Laerdal SimMan 3G

Watch our interview with SimEPR founder and doctor, Arron Thind.

He shares his experiences of using EPR systems in a clinical setting and explains the need for SimEPR in simulation.

Digitise paper scenarios using SimEPR for an immersive simulation training experience

SimEPR Simulated Electronic Patient Record software showing an X-ray

How it works

SimEPR Simulated Electronic Patient Record Simulation Mode

1. Simulation Mode

Trainees and students can select the electronic patient record that is relevant to their clinical scenario and browse through electronic notes, clinical assessments, drug charts and investigations to gain information about the patient they are treating, just as they would do in real life. They can prescribe medication, document the scenario and request investigations.

The simulation mode is designed to be intuitive to use, even for students with limited experience with electronic systems. Overall 89% of users reported the system was easy to use, despite minimal training prior to simulation teaching. This way trainees using SimEPR can gain an understanding of the concepts behind using an EPR, without hindering teaching progression.

2. Editor Mode

A no-code interface that allows medical educators to create and customise clinical scenarios. Realistic and interactive electronic records can be made that are tailored to specific educational requirements.

Haven't got time to build electronic scenarios from scratch? We offer a scenario building service where our clinical team can build custom teaching scenarios for your department.

SimEPR Simulated Electronic Patient Record Editor Mode
SimEPR Simulated Electronic Patient Record Controller Mode

3. Controller Mode

Provides real time updates on the simulation mode. Monitor your trainee's activity, such as tests they have requested, medication prescribed and notes documented.

Push results to your trainees for them to review, including blood gas, laboratory and radiology results.

Piloted with NHS doctors & medical students


of trainees reported that SimEPR improved clinical learning during simulation training.


of trainees felt that SimEPR helped create a more realistic training experience.


of trainees would recommend that their department continues to use SimEPR for simulation training.

Who uses SimEPR?

Who uses SimEPR? Brighton and Sussex Medical School
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Who uses SimEPR? Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
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What your colleagues say about SimEPR

Medical Registrar & Former Teaching Fellow @ East Surrey Hospital

“SimEPR offers increased realism. In real life, tests are requested via an EPR interface. If 'real-time' simulation is the aim, then SimEPR is an asset here.”

Helen Flanagan
Clinical Skills & Simulation Lead

“I am so pleased with SimEPR - there are so many benefits to this software, which bring the simulation experience into the modern ways of working.”

Dr Sam Peel
Junior Doctor

“Having to actually order tests added a more realistic feel to the simulation rather than just stating what tests or interventions you would like.”