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Transthoracic Echocardiography and Pericardiocentesis Ultrasound Training Model

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Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) and Pericardiocentesis Ultrasound Training Model

Excellent for training clinicians in the techniques associated with transthoracic echocardiography (TTE), and ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis procedural training. 

Blue Phantom’s cardiac echo ultrasound training platform allows users to develop and practise ultrasound imaging skills as transthoracic echocardiography and ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis.

These skills include; using ultrasound system controls, transducer placement, positioning and movement, applying proper transducer pressure to obtain images, recognition of the cardiac structures, lung and rib artefacts and other anatomical structures and guiding needles and catheters to the pericardial space for pericardiocentesis training.

Offers an extremely realistic imaging training platform as you utilize your own ultrasound system for simulation training. Self-healing simulated tissue allows for repeated procedural training without fluid leakage.
This extremely realistic life-size ultrasound simulation training model extends from the neck to the mid-thigh. This simulation trainer will perform well using any ultrasound imaging system configured with the appropriate transducer for echocardiography imaging procedures.

Our uncompromising quality allows clinicians to utilise the model and repeatedly practise the procedure without the high costs of replacing disposable parts.  Users can expect extreme durability with the simulated tissue able to perform well for thousands of procedures. 

This ultrasound simulation model is excellent for cardiology, anaesthesiology, emergency medicine, ultrasound training programmes, simulation centres, surgical skills centres, medical education facilities, and ultrasound manufacturers for ultrasound education and demonstrations.


  • Train clinicians to develop and practice transthoracic cardiac ultrasound echocardiography exams and pericardiocentesis procedures
  • Extremely realistic imaging characteristics
  • Tissues match the acoustic characteristics of real human tissue providing uncompromising image quality, allowing you to teach using sonographically accurate models
  • Constructed using Blue Phantom’s patented ultra-durable and realistic simulated human tissue providing users an extremely realistic training model
  • Feels and cannulates like real human tissue
  • Lifesize ultrasound training model containing anatomically correct anatomy including; non-beating heart, lungs, ribs, liver, and pericardial fluid
  • Heart contains accurate anatomy including left & right ventricle, left and right atria, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, aortic valve, pulmonic valve, left atrial appendage, pulmonary arteries, pulmonary veins, ascending aorta, aortic arch, SVC, and IVC for extremely realistic imaging
  • Obtain images from all appropriate imaging positions; parasternal, apical, suprasternal notch, and subcostal (subxiphoid)
  • Available with the option to add FAST Exam capability (Part Number BP-FAST1800) or TEE (Part Number BP-TEE1702)
  • Contains anatomical landmarks for the most realistic simulation training
  • Excellent for 2D, 3D, and 4D training
  • Extremely durable; use for repeated training without the high cost of replacing disposable parts
  • Extracted fluid is easily replaced using a quick fill port or continuous filling using a luer lock
  • Performs well using any ultrasound imaging system
  • Practice using ultrasound system controls
  • High quality, proven technology
  • Patented technology 
  • Size 39” x 21” x 15” (99cm x 53cm x 38cm) (L x W x H)
  • Weight 110 lbs. (50.0 Kg.)
  • Made in USA

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