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Pro Catheterisation Simulator - Transurethral & Suprapubic

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Sex: Male & Female

Pro Catheterisation Simulator - Urethral & Suprapubic

The P93 PRO Catheterisation Trainer Set can be used to realistically demonstrate, practice and evaluate female and male bladder catheterisations either via the urethra (transurethral) or the abdominal wall (suprapubic).

Pro Catheterisation Simulator Features:

  • Transurethral & Superpubic Catheterisation
  • Male and Female inserts that are quick and easy to change
  • The ONLY catheter trainer with varying levels of difficulty

The easy-to-change genital inserts are placed into the anatomically correct lower abdominal model and held in place with magnets.

Both inserts are made from soft, flexible material: Foreskin and labia are movable and the penis can be stretched. This way the student can practise all the necessary gestures for catheterisation.

The material gives a realistic feeling when inserting and removing the catheter into the bladder with realistic resistance and insertion depths.

Direct learning:

When the catheter has been correctly inserted, fluid runs out just like with a real patient. The catheter can also be checked through the transparent bladder.

The abdominal wall on the PRO version can be removed for better visualisation of the procedure during urethral catheterisation.
Various levels of difficulty:

On the male insert, three different levels of narrowing of the urethra can be set. In the narrowest setting, catheterisation is not possible, leading to the conclusion that a suprapubic catheter is needed.
Change and supply of a suprapubic urinary catheter:

If catheterisation through the urethra is no longer possible, a suprapubic catheter must be inserted. The suprapubic catheter is usually placed by the doctor through the abdominal wall into the filled urinary bladder and fixed to the abdominal wall.

The PRO version can be used to practise changing the suprapubic catheter and its care. Care includes changing dressings, cleaning the catheter and disinfecting the wound.

All the benefits of the P93 PRO catheterisation simulators in the set at a glance:

  • Female and male catheterisation with realistic resistance
  • 3 levels of adjustable narrowing of the urethra
  • Soft and movable foreskin and labia (for practising disinfection, for example)
  • Anatomically realistic pelvic structure
  • Liquid outflow if catheterisation is successfully carried out
  • The transparent bladder can be checked, and the abdominal wall can be removed
  • Training of suprapubic catheter changes as well as their cleaning and care
  • Stands securely on the table thanks to the non-slip feet
  • Magnetic connectors for quick set-up and dismantling
  • Easy to clean and maintain, and can be completely taken apart
  • A sponge on the inside prevents a build-up of moisture

Delivery contents:

  • Realistic lower abdominal model
  • Male and female catheterisation set with transparent bladder
  • Bottle and tube connectors
  • Carry case

Shipping Dimensions: 48 x 41 x 29 cm
Weight: 6.2 kg

 Pro Catheterisation Simulator - Transurethral & Suprapubic - User Guide


For catheterisation, we recommend using catheters with only one or two drainage eyes opposite each other. Both silicone and PVC catheters can be used. We recommend the following catheters:
  • Urethral narrowing “open” = 16 CH catheter or 14 CH balloon catheter
  • Urethral narrowing “partial narrowing” = 14 CH catheter or 12 CH balloon catheter
Catheters with a curved tip should not be used.

According to the guidelines for correct catheterisation, even during the simulation, lubricating gel (not included) should be placed into the urethra to ensure that the catheter can be inserted smoothly. Alternatively, some lubricating gel can be placed on the tip of the catheter.

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