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Seymour II Wound Care Model

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Seymour II Decubitus Treatment Simulator for Wound Training

The VTA0910/0920 Seymour II™ Wound Care Model is the most comprehensive healthcare simulation model of its kind. Moulded from a 74-year-old patient, it looks and feels like the real thing.

This VATA model displays the following pressure injuries (per NPUAP 2016 – National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel): Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 with undermining, tunnelling, subcutaneous fat and slough, deep Stage 4 with exposed bone with osteomyelitis, undermining, tunnelling, subcutaneous fat, eschar and slough.

Also shown on this VATA model are a DTPI (Deep Tissue Pressure Injury), an unstageable full eschar/slough wound, and a 5 ½” dehisced wound.

Seymour II Wound Care Model

Great care has been taken to hand paint each wound just as you would see it on a patient for the most life-like patient training scenario.

The Seymour II Decubitus Treatment Simulator for Wound Training is an effective resource for teaching care and assessment of specific injuries.

The simulator displays numerous highly realistic, detailed wounds including pressure ulcers, a suspected deep tissue injury (DTI), a dehisce wound and a possible rectal fissure and allows for multiple dressings to be applied at the same time.

Made to provide a convincing care scenario, the simulator has been moulded from a 74-year-old patient and has a lifelike look and feel.

Who Can Use the Seymour II Decubitus Wound Trainer?

The Seymour II Decubitus trainer is ideal for teaching wound care and assessment to trainee nurses and other medical personnel. Suitable for teaching care of a variety of injuries affecting the backside and upper thighs including pressure sores (Stages I - IV) and rectal fissures, the trainer is both detailed and realistic.

What Wounds Does the Seymour II Trainer Replicate?

The Seymour II Trainer offers convincing depictions of several wounds, including:

  • Stage 1 Ischial pressure injury
  • Stage 2 Ischial pressure injury
  • Stage 3 pressure injury (including subcutaneous fat, slough granulation tissue and tunnelling)
  • Stage 4 pressure injury (including eschar, subcutaneous fat, tunnelling, slough and exposed bone)
  • Unstageable pressure injury (including slough and eschar)
  • Dehisced surgical wound with a 5.5" length, subcutaneous fat and suture marks 
  • Deep Tissue Pressure Injury (DTPI)
  • Potential rectal fissure

What Procedures Can This Wound Trainer Teach?

This wound trainer can be used by students and professionals to practise identifying, assessing and treating certain wounds. Due to the complexity and life-like nature of the trainer, it can be used to perform wound cleaning, wound measurements, vacuum-assisted closures and negative wound therapy procedures. Watch the detailed video below for more information:

How Realistic Is the Seymour II Decubitus Treatment Simulator?

The Seymour II Decubitus has been crafted from a soft, flexible material that mimics the look and feel of human skin, and from which dressings can be cleanly removed after use. To make teaching exercises as enriching as possible, the wounds have also bee coloured and shaped in a highly realistic manner so trainees will be able to identify and assess them more extensively.

Cleaning Instructions for the Seymour II Decubitus Trainer

Avoid leaving dressings on overnight so a sticky residue does not form on the trainer. For regular cleaning, you simply need to wipe it down with a solution of soap and warm water.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 2.5 kg

  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm

Wound assessment has become critical to the operation of health agencies, as inaccurate wound assessment can misdirect the plan of care, affect reimbursement, cause inaccurate reporting of patient outcomes and the appearance of potential adverse events.

Seymour II™ is an effective tool for educating all healthcare professionals and patients in the identification and staging of wounds and their probable etiologies. Once the different etiologies are understood, they can be discussed and treatment plans devised that will deliver optimised patient care.

Seymour II™ is also an excellent visual aid for educating those who cannot read well enough to understand basic health care information, allowing them to see what can occur without proper care. Routine cleansing and dressing changes can be taught and practised on all wounds by healthcare providers, patients, families, and caregivers.

Seymour II™ is made of a life-like material that permits the application and easy removal of dressings, without leaving an adhesive residue. Stage 3 and Stage 4 are positioned so that a “bridging” dressing for use with a vacuum-assisted closure and negative pressure wound therapy devices can be demonstrated and practised.

The Seymour patient simulation model makes it possible to visualize and understand the differences in wounds. This wound care model is a great tool for training, competency testing, skills assessment, dressing techniques and use of negative pressure wound therapy devices!

Optional carry case available VTA0901.

Seymour II Wound Care Model User Guide

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