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Virtual Dissection Anatomy Table 43-inch

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The 43-inch portable anatomy table with its easy mobility is a perfect teaching tool for learning centres or medical schools.

With a 43-inch interactive touchscreen, students can view a virtual library of human anatomy and can learn to use CT or MRI scans as a preoperative planning tool.

It can be used in landscape mode or tilted to provide a perfect teaching platform for professors and a fully annotated learning platform for students.

The table is adjustable and can be set to an angle up to 45°.


Fully Tech Lab

  • Detailed human anatomy with sectional information on various body systems
  • Radiology software helps students and professors understand and practice pre-surgical planning before going in to the real-life surgical situations


  • Professors and instructors can prepare their own teaching material to teach the students, highlight or make notes during teaching, make screenshots and save these for later reference.
  • With a coloring tool, the lecturer can highlight specific body parts during the teaching. For example, if a lecturer wants to teach the external oblique angle, they can select all three regions of the external oblique angle and change them to a different color.

Radiology - the radiology software package is an educational application software system for audio-visual imaging.

  • Provides image applications in DICOM format with a visual analysis of DICOM data and 2D/3D image conversion for biomedical engineering education, digital medical image viewing and image model simulation analysis
  • CT, MRI and 2D/3D image conversions into 3D in less than 30 seconds
  • Simulation of pre-surgical planning for education

Remote Access

  • Equipped with a tool to access the table remotely from any location
  • Provides the flexibility to professors and instructors to use the Virtual Dissection Table remotely

Anatomy Features

  • Fully Annotated Human Anatomy
    • Male and female human cadaver with full annotations of all parts of a human body
    • Different planes of view, i.e. coronal, sagittal and transverse, providing the details of all the human body in depth
  • Regional Anatomy
    • Content is divided into 11 sections (reproductive system, respiratory system and others)
    • These sections make it easier for students to remember the pictorial presentation of the sectional human anatomy
  • Virtual Interactive Dissection
    • User-friendly virtual dissection tool
    • One-touch dissection of the virtual human cadaver with full annotation
    • Virtual dissection replaces traditional university anatomy labs as it can be reused as many times as needed
  • Organ Animation
    • Animations of the heart with full annotation describing the parts of the heart
    • Simulation of the heartbeat along with the ability to view the sagittal, coronal and transverse view of the beating heart
  • 3 Axis Display Mode
    • The possibility of viewing all 3 axis: sagittal, coronal and transverse
    • With the control bar, professors and instructors have full control over the viewing angle of the human anatomy
  • Endoscope Teaching Mode
    • This feature comes with the zoom in-zoom out, illuminating lamp, adjusting the aperture and the movement rate

Quiz / Multiple Choice Exam

  • More than 12,000 preloaded quizzes covering the medical curriculum
  • Pre-installed test as learning content assessment for professors
  • Cloud-based system that allows professors to design their own questionnaire and use them to evaluate students

Note: This product is a virtual electronic anatomy table for education only.

Weight 157kg

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