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SimVox - The Smart Speaker for your Patient Simulator

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SimVox - Upgrade your Simulators to Communicate with Conversational AI

SimVox is a wireless smart speaker that connects to a powerful conversational AI engine via an Android tablet. With SimVox, you can enable any simulator to become a communication training tool.

Why is SimVox better that using standardised patients?

Standardised Patients (SPs) are people. The are biased, unreliable, forgetful and expensive. SimVox is like having the perfect standardised patient available 24/7. Using conversational AI feels like talking to a patient. You have to listen and think critically about the information presented to you. All the skills practiced with SimVox are the same as with an SP plus you can create new scenarios from scratch using AI in just a few minutes.

Why simulate patient communication?

Improves Communication Skills: Enhances the ability to interact effectively with patients, fostering better understanding and trust.
Reduces Medical Errors: Practicing communication can help reduce misunderstandings and mistakes in patient care.
Builds Confidence: Provides a safe environment for healthcare professionals to practice and refine their communication techniques.
Enhances Patient Satisfaction: Improved communication leads to better patient experiences and outcomes.
Promotes Empathy: Helps healthcare providers develop a more empathetic approach, improving patient-provider relationships.
Feedback and Improvement: Offers constructive feedback, allowing continuous improvement in communication skills.

What does SimVox Basic include?

SimVox Basic includes everything you need to add conversational-AI to your simulations.

  • SimVox Bluetooth Speaker
  • SimVox Control Tablet
  • PCS Communication AI in PCS Cloud
  • Six (6) Bundled Scenarios
    • Abdominal Pain
    • Chest Pain
    • Allergic Reaction
    • Pneumonia
    • Overdose
    • Headache
  • Five (5) Years of Service & Support

What's the difference between SimVox Basic and SimVox Plus?

SimVox Plus Includes everything in Basic plus: 

  • More complex patient cases with changing states
  • Virtual vital sign monitor
  • Drug administration
  • Change physiology on the fly
  • Split screen view with control on one side and monitor on the other
  • Educators can enter criteria to assess a student’s performance
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