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Micro-Preemie Intubation Simulator | Premature Baby Manikin

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Life/form Micro-Preemie Intubation Simulator

1 in 10 babies is born prematurely. Train for this increasingly common event with the best value, surprisingly lifelike, 25-week micro-preemie simulator available.

Unique to the Life/form Micro-Preemie Intubation Simulator, the soft silicone airway is easily replaceable by the user. Intubating a 25-week old is not easy, train with confidence knowing if a mistake is made you can learn from it without having to replace your entire simulator. We even supply one spare airway, just in case!

This premature baby manikin is based on a 25-week neonate - the smallest, most realistically proportioned pre-term infant.

Entirely flexible and offers training opportunities for a number of commonly performed procedures. In addition, extraordinary realism is achievable with the micro-preemie's pose and lack of muscle tone.

Invaluable for simulation training in the care and handling techniques for infants requiring multiple medical interventions at the limits of viability. Therefore perfect for NICU, emergency medical response teams, flight medics, mock code scenarios, nursing schools, medical schools, hospitals, and family education.

Simple to use for simulation as it requires no specialised equipment. Resulting in a simulator that is compact and highly mobile and can be used to support objectives of the Resuscitation Council UK Neonatal Life Support (NLS) course curriculum.

Features & Functions of the Micro-Preemie Intubation Simulator:

  • Airway, breathing and ventilation: Two different lung blocks are provided; a 'normal' block for simulating bilateral expansion of the lungs and a second block simulating a collapsed right lung (pneumothorax).
  • Chest tube - a permanent site located on the right-hand side to practise insertion and care of the chest tube area.
  • Cleaning and nappy changing.
  • Delivery and transfer.
  • GI - Please note: fluid administration is not recommended, any fluid administered must be suctioned out afterwards.
  • IV access - Includes 4 moulded-in sites suitable for peripheral IV access, all four will accept an infusion device however, none of the sites are functional.
  • Neural tube defect (Myelomeningocele).
  • Observation and measurement.
  • Simulated breathing and assisted ventilation.
  • Skin and wound care that includes skin breakdown sites: Occiput and both heels.
  • Skin is very soft and lifelike.
  • Stoma care.
  • Suction.
  • Umbilicus with an optional omphalocele (non-functional).
  • Attach various monitors, sensors, electrodes, etc., to the manikin wherever needed.

Caring for your Premature Baby Simulator

Suitable for completely immersing in water, the manikin can be washed with mild soap or detergent if soiled.

For a less tacky skin surface, apply baby powder to the baby and its components.


  • Micro-Preemie Simulator
  • Pre-term Nappy
  • Hat (colour may vary)
  • Umbilicus
  • Omphalocele
  • Neural tube defect
  • Bilateral chest block
  • Unilateral chest block
  • Replacement Airway
  • 3 cc syringe
  • 25-gauge butterfly needle
  • Lubricant
  • Blood powder
  • Bulb and tube assembly

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