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SIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Enterprise is the definitive AV system solution for simulation and learning centres - with almost unlimited application and expansion possibilities and an impressive range of functions.

The smart composition of modular system design, high-end audiovisual technology and intelligent networking enables the professional planning and implementation of extremely complex and multiple simulation scenarios as well as the full measurement and traceability of all results.

The technical AV equipment, the network structure and the perfectly coordinated software can be completely customised. In this respect, SIMStation Enterprise is not a ready-made product line, but a powerful design potential; a potential that becomes reality in the concrete implementation of professional simulation and learning centres.

High-End Technology

The camera & microphone technology consists exclusively of premium AV products. The convincing results: perfect images, clear sound & optimal transmission.

Fully Scalable

The Software already includes all the functions of SIMStation Enterprise and its impressive range of functions are intuitive and easy to use. 

All-in-One Solution

We take responsibility for all relevant steps during the project implementation.
From consulting, planning & development to installation & support, all essential aspects for a successful simulation system are fully covered.

SIMStation - AV Debriefing for Healthcare Simulation

Application Possibilities

As a variably configurable solution, SIMStation Enterprise can be customized precisely to the diverse needs and requirements of large institutions.

The specific solution adapts perfectly to the spatial, personnel and structural demands of the simulation institution.

Highly complex, variably designed simulation scenarios can be implemented as well as multiple simulation rooms and professional examination conditions.

With all this versatility, the practical use for the users is characterised by an extremely simple and intuitively understandable operability.

SIMStation Enterprise is therefore particularly suitable for the professional use in the fields of clinical, academic and research training and has also become the standard solution for OSCE, OSPE or EPA procedures.

High-End Technology

The professional results of the SIMStation Enterprise are based on a close interaction of state-of-the-art video and sound technology. In the latest generation of the product line, audio features such as Acoustic Echo Cancelling are further enhanced by supported Dante® Network Audio.

The individual components - cameras, microphones, loudspeakers and computer devices - are intelligently networked by the software and can thus be used in a completely individual and target oriented manner. The basic compatibility thus ensures that there are no limits to the possible applications.

From preclinical and clinical areas to academic teaching and medical training, all scenarios can be easily implemented.

SIMStation Enterprise: because convincing solutions need to be flexible.

SIMStation - AV Debriefing for Medical Simulation

The SIMStation Enterprise Concept

Technical Details

The modular and scalable system structure of SIMStation Enterprise allows the integration of an unlimited number of AV devices, screens, tablets and computers.

The impressively large selection of high-end products covers all simulation requirements and impresses with the latest innovations in the professional AV sector.

 Due to intelligent networking, all technical components communicate with each other in real time and act as one smart unit. Innovative solutions and years of simulation experience ensure that - despite the complexity and richness of functions - the technology used always remains in the background.

This is crucial to guarantee the realistic character of the simulation and to meet the highest possible quality standards.

SIMStation - Expert advice, intuitive sofware and reliable hardware installed by AV professionals.

The Consultation Process

Expert advice, intuitive sofware and reliable hardware installed by AV professionals.

Every SIMStation installation is unique but we follow a simple process to make every installation a success.

1. Assessment: Your initial consultation with Sim & Skills will involve a thorough assessment of your requirements to ensure SIMStation is the right solution for you.
2. Demonstration: An in-depth presentation of SIMStation's capabilities to determine how we can match your requirements to one of SIMStation's products.
3. Proposal: We create a bespoke quotation matched to your specification.
4. Planning: Once you have placed your order, together we will plan your installation with our techincal partner.
5. Installation: The hardware and software are installed by AV professionals.
6. Training: You will be provided with comprehensive training on how to use the system.
7. Support: Sim & Skills will be your first line of support to ensure you use SIMStation to its full potential.


Frequently Asked Questions

Audio/Video Debriefing is one of, if not THE most important elements of your high-quality simulation programme.

 It's a significant investment which should not be made without due diligence. Get in touch and we'll support you through your decision-making process.