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Mobile Recording & Debriefing

SIMStation Essential

SIMStation Essential Gen2

SIMStation Essential has established itself as the most compelling high-end solution in the market for portable video recording and debriefing for medical simulation.

The unique combination of premium equipment and flexible mobility, opens up a wide range of possibilities for professional simulation.

Due to its perfect AV quality, extensive software functionality and full flexibility, the SIMStation Essential Gen2 meets all the requirements for ultra-mobile simulation scenarios - especially in the medical sector.


SIMStation Essential is completely
"pre-engineered" and thus a balanced package of hardware & software that is fully operational right from the beginning.

Mobile Portability

SIMStation Essential is easy to transport.
It can be set up at any time and be used immediately - so even small teams can run simulations quickly & anywhere!

High-End Technology

The camera & microphone technology consists exclusively of premium AV products. The convincing results: perfect images, clear sound & optimal transmission.

The Complete Mobile Simulation System

SIMStation Essential Gen2 is a completely network-based system. The intelligent linking of the system – as well as the power supply to all AV components – is carried out via the Ethernet ports integrated in the SIMStation Units.

To enable the widest possible range of applications, immense importance was attached to efficiency in the cabling: For example, only a single cable is required between each SIMStation Unit.

This space-efficient design ensures that the AV equipment remains discreetly in the background, thereby supporting the authentic character of the simulation scenario. 

SIMStation Essential

What's included with SIMStation Essential?

No installation required, SIMStation Essential arrives pre-configured and ready to go.

Simulation Room

1 SIMStation Simulation Unit

Plug & Play - Including all PoE switches to connect the AV components.

2 Mobile IP Cameras

High-Quality Video - place anywhere for multiple camera angles.

1 Boundary Microphone

High-Quality Audio - completely freely placeable.

1 IP Loudspeaker

For the transmission of public announcements ('Audio to Room').

Control Room

1 SIMStation Control Unit

Intregrated PC: including all PoE switches to connect the components.

1 Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse

Includes mount; can also be used for debriefing.

1 IP Loudspeaker

Audio transmission from the simulation room to the control room.

1 Conference Microphone

For public announcements from the control room to the simulation room.

Debriefing Room

1 SIMStation Control Unit

Intregrated PC: including all PoE switches to connect the components.

1 SIMStation Remote Tablet

Remote control for debriefing; and for annotations during training.

1 IP Loudspeaker

Audio transmission from the simulation to the debriefing/transmission room.


1 SIMStation Units Trolley

Aluminum; incl. wheels and prefabricated foam inserts.

1 SIMStation Components Trolley

Aluminum; incl. wheels and prefabricated foam inserts.

2 Mobile Camera Mounts

Adjustable mounts for flexible positioning of the IP cameras.

Various Cables

For connecting the SIMStation Units and the components.

Optional Upgrades

Additional SIMStation Simulation Unit

For an additional simulation room.

Additional SIMStation Debriefing Unit

For an additional debriefing room.

1 Patient-Monitor Capture-Device

For recording the video signals of a patient monitor.

1 Media Screen

For playing media content in the simulation room.


Frequently Asked Questions

Audio/Video Debriefing is one of, if not THE most important elements of your high-quality simulation programme.

It's a significant investment which should not be made without due diligence. Get in touch and we'll support you through your decision-making process.