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CPR CUBE Pro with CPR Feedback App

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CPR Cube Pro is a portable, lightweight, app-enabled CPR training device.

CPR Cube Pro is a portable, lightweight, app-enabled CPR training device.

A new and improved version of the popular cprCUBE, the pro model connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet (device not included) giving you comprehensive feedback on CPR performance.

The newly updated CPR Cube Pro enables unlimited practice of the most important part of CPR: chest compressions.
It provides accurate real-time feedback on the key elements of chest compression with enhanced audio and visual cues.
The instructor app can connect to the student’s cube to monitor progress in real-time either in-person or remotely.

Key Features of cprCUBE Pro:

  • Improved graphics and visual support
  • Enhanced visual cues with lights to better guide performance
  • American Heart Association compliant
  • Compression conditions mimic a human chest
  • Accurate real-time feedback
  • Optimized product specifications for individual training
  • Alerts user when correct compression/rate/recoil is achieved
  • Auto shutoff after 40 seconds of inactivity
  • AED integration into training
  • All-in-one, easy to use, easy to deploy


Managing quantified CPR data

cprCUBE Pro analyses CPR performed in real-time and saves all your training data. Debrief trainees and share the saved data whenever you want.



*cprCUBE Pro is compatible with FREE CPR Add-on Kit apps.

CPR Student App CPR Student     CPR Instructor App CPR Instructor



Real-time feedback

cprCUBE Pro provides accurate and intuitive real-time feedback data through the app.


Data management

All CPR training sessions are stored within the app and can be managed and shared.


Skills assessment and certification

All CPR performed are evaluated in detail for skill assessment and institutions can issue certifications through the app.


Upgrade to Professional CPR Classroom Training

For CPR Class & CPR Remote additional fees apply - Ask us

Small group training


Use the Student and Instructor apps to run quality CPR training.


Mass CPR training



Class system, a new mass CPR training solution supports the connection of maximum 45 students and synchronized session sharing for instructors


Real-time remote training




Run CPR classes with the Remote app without the instructor and the students having to meet. You can run training with a maximum of 6 students at once per session.

For CPR Class & CPR Remote additional fees apply - Ask us

cprCUBE PRo Specification



cprCUBE 100 x 100 x 110 (mm)

Info Sheet 400 x 330 x 0.5 (mm)

Power source DC 6V, 4 AA batteries

Weight 240g (Batteries not included)

Components cprCUBE, info sheet, scenario cards user guide, colour ID stickers.

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