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Set of Genetic Slides

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Set of Genetic Slides

Set of 25 Microscope Slides

1(d). Allium, root tips, l.s. showing all stages of mitosis

2(e). Eschscholtzia, stigma, w.m. showing penetrating pollen

3(e). Lilium, microspore mother cells, first division, leptotene to zygotene

4(e). Lilium, first division, diakinesis to telophase

5(f). Lilium, second division, interkinesis to tetrad stage

6(f). Polytrichum, moss, archegonium, w.m.

7(f). Polytrichum, moss, archegonium, l.s.

8(e). Spirogyra scalariform conjugation showing zygotes following conjugation

9(d). Sea urchin, developing of eggs, w.m. of most stages up to pluteus

10(f). Giant chromosomes from salivary gland of Chironomus, squash preparation stained for chromomeres

11(f). Giant chromosomes, section

12(e). Ascaris, fertilisation of eggs, t.s.

13(f). Ascaris, male and female pronuclei, t.s.

14(f). Ascaris, meiosis and early cleavage, t.s.

15(e). Testis of crayfish, t.s. showing meiosis

16(d). Testis of mouse, t.s. showing spermatogenesis

17(d). Ovary of rabbit, l.s. showing follicles in various stages

18(f). Embryology of fish, l.s. of embryo showing animal mitosis

19(h). Chromosomes, human, female, of culture of peripheral blood

20(i). Chromosomes, human, male, of culture of peripheral blood

21(f). Drosophila genetics, adult wild type, w.m.

22(f). Drosophila genetics, “barr eye” mutant, w.m.

23(f). Drosophila genetics, “brown eye” mutant, w.m.

24(f). Drosophila genetics, “vestigial wing” mutant, w.m.

25(f). Drosophila genetics, “white eye” mutant, w.m.

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