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Brayden Baby CPR Manikin with Lights

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Jonathan S.
Poor quality CPR is a preventable harm

There can be no real evaluation of a student performing CPR without feedback. This is the future and lives will be saved because of it. "Poor quality CPR is a preventable harm." It has been stated by ILCOR and the AHA yet still we seem to cling to old fashioned methods of teaching. We purchased the adult pro manikin and infant pro manikin from Mark and the feedback has been amazing!

Brayden Baby CPR Manikin with Lights

Developed with the help of European experts in the field of resuscitation, Brayden Baby is ideal for Paediatric BLS, EPALS and EPILS, with a CPR scenario mode that allows training via an infant cardiac arrest situation.

  • Allows correct compression to 1/3 of the depth (AP distance) of manikin (4 cm)
  • Realistic, large Occiput so the baby lies with its head in the correct position (in flexion).
  • Open and connected mouth and nose for added realism when ventilating
  • The airway is only open when the head is positioned in the correct ‘neutral’ position.
  • Jaw mechanism mimics the action of a real baby for an accurate jaw thrust/lift manoeuvre.

Brayden Baby features intuitive CPR feedback lights

  • A ventilation indication light that provides real-time feedback via lung shaped lights on the chest.
  • A chest compression depth indication light that gives real-time feedback of compression rate.
  • CPR quality indication lights that give real-time overall chest compression quality.

These lights help guide the student to perform correct ventilation technique and good quality chest compressions. It is essential that both of these key elements of infant CPR are performed to the highest level in real life to help optimise chances of survival.

Additional Information about Brayden Baby

Non-toxic materials are soft and smooth to represent infant skin.

Individual accessories can be bought separately.

Brayden Baby is the first Illuminating infant CPR manikin that provides real-time visual feedback using intuitive lights to support good quality ventilation and chest compressions.

Standard Accessories include:
– 4 Batteries
– 5 Double Filters
– 10 Face Shields
– 1 Pair of Pants
– Instructions for Use Manual

2 Year Warranty

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