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Smart Airway Management Simulator with Feedback App

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Android Tablet: Tablet included

Smart Airway Management Simulator | Intubation Trainer

A high fidelity, smart airway management simulator and intubation trainer with the unique addition of objective graphical feedback via a wireless tablet.

The soft, durable silicone construction of the airway gives realistic flexibility lacking in PVC plastic-based manikins.


The intuitive software measures and logs the various procedures associated with intubation and supraglottic airway placement. The user can then export their training record to PDF for their continuous professional development portfolio.


The Smart Airway Management Trainer is compatible with all common types of airway adjunct including endotracheal tube and i-gel.

This unique product empowers healthcare professionals to practise and then assess their airway management skills with objective feedback, without the need for an instructor to be present. Export results for review and debrief later on. A score is generated so clinicians can easily measure and improve their skills.

Features of the BT Inc Smart Airway Management Simulator:

Portable adult torso model with wheeled carry case.

Perform realistic practice with a life-like feeling human torso model.

Objective measurements are recorded and displayed via wireless tablet PC including:

  • Head tilt / Chin lift, Sniffing position.
  • Jaw thrust manoeuvre.
  • Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) Ventilation.
  • Intubation with an endotracheal tube (ETT), laryngeal mask (LMA/I-gel), combi tube (Combi-Tube).
  • Observable chest rise during ventilation which can be checked with a stethoscope.
  • Head tilt-chin lift method, Jaw Trust, sniffing position and display these through a tablet.
  • Observable intubation depth (deep/moderate/shallow) via tablet with right main stem intubation.
  • Observable oesophageal intubation on the tablet PC.
  • Tidal volume detection and stomach expansion and display the state on the tablet.

Furthermore, users can debrief their training through the auto-ID items and checklist. Check-lists and result-points are all configurable so you can focus on a particular area of improvement. Save results and convert to PDF as required. 

The wireless Bluetooth connection between the display device and tablet PC is reliable and uses minimal battery power. Both the tablet and simulator can be powered by mains and battery for portability.

Available with or without Android Tablet.

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