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Chest Tube Manikin

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Chest Tube Manikin

The Life/Form by Nasco Healthcare Chest Tube Manikin is designed specifically to teach the theory, anatomy and skills needed to manage pre-hospital chest trauma. As well as ongoing chest tube maintenance.

This manikin is perfect for teaching the concepts and mechanics of closed water-seal drainage systems like Pleur-Evac type units.

The right side of the manikin has two cut-away viewing areas. This promotes awareness of the anatomical relationships between the skin surface, musculature, ribs and lungs. The left side has a pressurised tension pneumothorax site to relieve air that has accumulated within the pleural space and is restricting lung inflation.

Also includes a site to surgically insert chest tubes to treat pleural effusion by draining fluids from the pleural space.

The instructor can control fluid colour, volume, and viscosity.

Five Year Warranty.

About Chest Drains

Chest drains are used in many different hospital settings and doctors in most specialties need to be capable of their safe insertion. Incorrect placement of a chest drain can lead to significant morbidity and even mortality.

A chest drain is a tube inserted through the chest wall between the ribs and into the pleural cavity to allow drainage of air (pneumothorax), blood (haemothorax), fluid (pleural effusion) or pus (empyema) out of the chest. In any one patient, it is essential to understand what the drain is aiming to achieve.

The effective drainage of air, blood or fluid from the pleural space requires an adequately positioned drain and an airtight, one-way drainage system to maintain subatmospheric intrapleural pressure. This allows the drainage of the pleural contents and re-expansion of the lung. Pneumothorax or haemothorax can help restore haemodynamic and respiratory stability by optimising ventilation/perfusion and minimising mediastinal shift.


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