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Hand Inspection Cabinet Hand Hygiene Training Aid Kit

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Hand Inspection Cabinet Hand Hygiene Training Aid Kit

The Hand Inspection Cabinet using UVA, long wave UV light is a training aid that visually shows where handwashing techniques need to be improved to be effective.

It helps to demonstrate that handwashing requires technique and friction and reinforces the importance of hands being washed often and well. Used in conjunction with Glitterbug fluorescent potion.

Hand Inspection Cabinet with UV Hand Lotion: Complete Training Package

Good hygiene practices help to control and prevent the spread of infection and cross-contamination.

You can’t measure what you can’t see! The hand inspection cabinet and Glitterbug lotion (that represents bacteria) solve this problem.

Under the harmless long wave UV light, any remnants of UV lotion not washed off are visible in the inspection cabinet. This enables you to confidently assess the effectiveness of everyone’s handwashing technique in three easy steps:

  1. Apply lotion
  2. Wash hands
  3. Check under the safe UV light and learn

This simple assessment aid will give you the confidence that handwashing techniques at your organisation are effective and will help to prevent the spread of infection.

Hand Inspection Cabinet Hand Hygiene Training Aid Kit is perfect for:

  • NHS
  • Medical Clinics and Surgeries
  • Schools
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Care Homes
  • Dentists
  • Veterinary surgeries
  • Gyms

Hand Inspection Cabinet Hand Hygiene Training Aid Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Hand Inspection Cabinet
  • 1 x 240ml Glitterbug Lotion
  • 1 x Carry Case
Professional UV Hand Hygiene Training Kit - Made in Britain - Sim & Skills
When used as recommended the UV dose is sufficiently low to allow continuous use by the majority of people.
Young children and people with skin conditions or those who are sensitive to UV light are recommended to limited their use of the unit to 15 minutes in any eight-hour period.
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