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Horse Front Leg with Scapula - Articulated

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Horse Front Leg with Scapula - Articulated 

The horse is an unguligrade mammal. Such mammals walk on from four to only one digit (the horse‘s foot is really a single digit). The equivalent of the wrist or ankle joint is high above the ground. Such adaptations result in the ability to sustain high speeds.

This model includes: 

  • the scapula,
  • humerus,
  • forearm (fused radius and ulna),
  • cannon bone and foot

The foot consists of:

  • the long pastern bone (or first phalanx),
  • the short pastern bone (or second phalanx) and
  • the coffin bone (or third phalanx). The coffin bone is enclosed by the hoof

Height: 154 cm. Includes base

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