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Intravenous (IV) Injection Training Arm with optional Pump - Infant

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£924.00 - £1,944.00 Inc.VAT
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Pump: with pump

Infant Intravenous (IV) Injection Training Arm with optional Pump

The appeal of this practical infant IV training arm with a pump lies in its effortless arm replacement feature. Veins are housed within a single disposable arm, securely held in place by a magnet. Durable silicone-based skin ensures cannulation results in no visible puncture marks with a small bore needle.

The IV training arm pump, powered by mains or battery, ensures a steady flow of simulated blood for practising procedures like flashback and vial filling during venepuncture. When cannulating the infant IV training arm with a pump, users experience a realistic 'pop' sensation as the needle penetrates the skin.

A distinctive arm design significantly reduces consumable costs compared to other brands' IV training arms. This cost-saving aspect encompasses both the price of physical consumable parts, which are up to 25% cheaper and the time required for technicians/clinicians to service a traditional IV training arm. Servicing the BT Inc IV training arm takes only a matter of seconds.

Key Features of the BT Inc IV Injection Training Arm with Pump:

  • Practise IV injection and blood collection,
  • 2 sites on the back of the hand and 1 at the popliteal
  • Easy to attach and detach arms to the arm mount with magnetic holder
  • Consist of 2 types of arms; 1-year-old, 3-years-old
  • Flexible finger and easy to change the angle of the arm
  • Latex free
  • Can check flash-back technique
  • Hybrid system; Circulation pump and gravity
  • Circulation pump: easy to set up, clean and maintain
  • Power: AC power or battery


  • Arm Model 1 (3 yr old): 0.7 kg (370 x 100 x 80 mm)
  • Arm Model 2 (1 yr old): 0.5 kg (250 x 80 x 80 mm)
  • Circulation pump: 0.6 kg (180 x 70 x 105 mm)
  • Arm Holder: 0.3 kg (270 x 200 x 24 mm)
  • Storage Case: 2.2 kg (730 x 280 x 140 mm)
  • Total: Approximately 5.5 kg


  • 1 Year-old Arm Model (vein tubing installed) x 2
  • 3 Year-old Arm Model (vein tubing installed) x 2
  • Circulation pump x 1
  • Arm Holder x 1
  • Simulated Blood (30ml) x 1, Blood Container x 1, Connection Tube x 3
  • Power Adaptor (9VDC 1A) x 1, Battery Holder x 1
  • Storage Case x 1


Intravenous Injection Training arm Model - Infant: BT-CSIV-I User Manual Download
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