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SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope WiFi

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SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope WiFi

Now available with 12 additional auscultation sounds!

SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope allows students to auscultate Standardized Patients as well as manikins by placing RFID tag sensors on corresponding anatomical locations.

By accessing the auscultation software, educators can pick any sound from the large Cardionics auscultation sound library, enabling their students to actively engage in auscultation practice and hands-on training.

When using the SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope Wi-Fi model, the embedded wireless technology enables communication with the controller tablet (optional purchase) allowing instructors to instantly alter the parameters of their scenario directly from the tablet.

If a student initiates an intervention that requires a change in condition, or if the simulation requires efficient use of time, the built-in WiFi connectivity allows parameters to be altered on-the-fly.

SimScope® is delivered with seven sets of RFID tag sensor patches which are to be placed on anatomically correct locations on any manikin or Standardized Patient. Each patch has a label indicating its dedicated anatomical location, to make sure the sounds are always heard from the correct location. A pre-selected auscultation sound will play as soon as the trainee places the stethoscope’s chest piece on the correct location.

Auscultation training with theSimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope features:

  • Comprehensive auscultation library consisting of 21 heart, 14 lung, 7 bowel sounds and 2 bruit sounds
  • Includes Covid-19 auscultation lung sound
  • Allows the sounds to be altered on-the-fly through the independent Wi-Fi network
  • Users can create customized libraries to fit specific scenarios and programs
  • Up to 5 SimScope® auscultation training stethoscopes can be connected to one system and operated from one controller tablet 

Technical details:

  • SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope software delivered on a flash drive, to be installed on a Windows-10 device
  • Optional purchase of a tablet with pre-installed software
  • RFID tag sensor patches included with the purchase, as well as available separately.
  • Quick-change battery provides up to 4 hours of battery life
  • Unlimited technical support 

When using the SimScope® training stethoscope, simulation educators can provide a variety of versatile and customizable experiences for Standardized Patient Programs and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).
SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope is recommended for:

  • Easy one-on-one teacher and student training
  • Improving group interaction by utilizing RFID tag sensor patches (included), which can be placed on several Standardized Patients or manikins
  • Engaging a larger group of students by expanding the training with numerous additional SimScopes®
  • Utilizing SimScope® for teaching and training of both beginners and advanced classes
  • Creating customized scenarios with a large variety of physiological and pathological conditions 


  • SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope
  • SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope Software delivered on a flash drive
  • Seven sets of 15 SimScope® RFID tag patches
  • USB cable
  • User Manual 
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