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Ultrasound trainer dog bladder

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Ultrasound trainer dog bladder

This training model of the lower body of a medium-sized dog enables comprehensive training in ultrasound examination of the dog's bladder. 

Four different inserts cover the most important procedures/diagnoses and thus enable diagnosis training. 

The disorders usually have similar symptoms, so an ultrasound scan is useful to get the actual diagnosis. Externally identical inserts require diagnostic skills to detect pathology.

The following inserts are included in the training model:

Normal anatomy / cystocentesis
This insert allows locating the bladder under ultrasound and identifying the anatomy. The bladder can be punctured, the material has self-healing properties, so to a certain extent the puncture channels are self-closing. The insert can be filled with water and is available as a spare part.

Bladder stones
Undiagnosed bladder stones are very painful for the animal and can even lead to death. This insert allows the bladder stones to be located and recognised so that the practitioner can learn what they look like under ultrasound.

Bladder cancer
Bladder cancer can be very painful and life-threatening. With this insert, the practitioner can practice the localisation of a tumor with ultrasound.

Bladder infection (cystitis)
The bacterial infection of the lower urinary tract is usually painful and should be treated urgently. With this assignment, the practitioner learns to recognise and diagnose cystitis.

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