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Everything you need to know in T-Level Health this month - Sim & Skills

Everything you need to know in T-Level Health this month

Each month we bring you a round-up of all things T Level Health.

From training courses to curriculum changes, we've got all the latest updates you need.


The Education and Training Foundation offers free networking events to support T Level Health teachers.

 T Level Health Network Events

There’s a great range of network events coming up in December for colleges and schools who are about to start teaching T Level Health and those who are already delivering the course.

The sessions help you develop your knowledge and allow you to explore different teaching practices. You can hear from T Level Health teachers already teaching the course and exchange ideas.

It's a great space to meet fellow T-Level Health teachers who are also getting ready to deliver the course. 

Book your place on a network event now.


The NCFE has launched new guidance to help reduce the stress of uploading student assessments and evidence to the assessment portal.

 NCFE T Level Health evidence upload guide

You've finally got through the assessment process with your students, you're ready to upload the evidence and bam- the portal is refusing your submission.

Is it the file type?

Is it the file size?

Please just upload!

Take away the technical stress. The newly updated NCFE guide for uploading your T Level Health evidence will help you prepare to upload your evidence and support you to troubleshoot any technical problems.

Get the guide now.


Provider insight days give you an opportunity to visit other schools and colleges that share their journey and the challenges they faced along the way.

 T Level Health Insight Events

These events arranged by the Association of Colleges give you a chance to visit colleges that have been teaching T Level Health for a few years. 

You can see their health suites and find out how they are teaching the students in immersive learning environments.

Get a chance to learn from experienced T Level Health teachers and ask them how they have overcome the challenges you may be facing.

Book on to an insight day.


T Level Health News

The announcement of a new FE qualification, the Advanced British Standard, sent concern across the T-Level Health community.

However the government says the new qualification will have T Levels at its core. The proposal merges more academic and more vocational courses together under one name. The qualification is a long way off and there are currently few details available about the new qualification: 

 T Level Health news



Join us for our Education & Training Foundation Industry Workshop Webinar

Sim & Skills T Level Health webinar

Sim & Skills are holding an Industry Workshop webinar with the Education & Training Foundation in January.

Join us to see a tour of a simulation health suite. Get ideas for your own Health suite and ask questions about the equipment you see.

Also included is a demo of our recommended responsive manikin Juno. This nursing skills manikin has proven to be very popular among T Level Health teachers.

Book your place now under the Health and Science drop-down.

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