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Man saves dog's life with CPR. Would you know what to do? - Sim & Skills

Man saves dog's life with CPR. Would you know what to do?

A Devon man saved his dog's life after she collapsed on Exmouth beach during a walk.

Gwyn Parks, 22, was enjoying a walk with his springer spaniel Winnie on 18 January when every dog owner's worst nightmare came true.

The five-year-old springer - typically full of energy - collapsed on Exmouth beach suffering a seizure and eventually stopped breathing.

Gwyn, who lives at the seaside town, said: ''I put her onto the ground and she began to have some sort of fit."

''She went really tense for around 20 seconds and then just stopped breathing, turning all floppy.''

After spotting the commotion, Neil - a fellow pedestrian - called out to Gwyn to see if he needed help.

Gwyn said: ''Neil instructed me how to perform CPR on the dog.''

In a state of panic, a friend of Gwyn's made the decision to drive his car onto the beach in order to get closer to the dog and make a dash to the vets - however, unsurprisingly the car got stuck in the sand.

Lightheartedly, Gwyn said: ''All logic just goes out of the window in a moment like this.''

Unable to drive to the vets due to the car being stuck in the sand, Gwyn rushed Winnie up onto solid ground where he continued to perform CPR.

He said: ''Coincidentally, a police car drove passed and spotted us."

''We jumped into the police car and they took us straight to the vets.''

The vets then gave her oxygen and insulin and kept her in for an overnight stay.

Gwyn said: ''She is back home now. The vets are still running blood tests, but they think that she may have just overdone it on the walk."

''Thankfully, she is okay now although she wants to be near me all the time."


Would you know what to do if your dog collapsed from cardiac arrest?

The best thing you can do is complete a pet first aid course and learn CPR. We recommend PDSA as a great resource on this topic.

In fact, for every CasPeR CPR Dog we sell, we donate to PDSA to help fund these free courses for pet owners.

Once you know CPR, here are 3 tips to help you improve your technique.



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