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Simulators for Teaching T Level Health - Sim & Skills

Simulators for Teaching T Level Health

The need for healthcare professionals has never been more critical. More and more colleges and universities are offering an ever-increasing number of new qualifiactions to help train enough students to meet demand.

One of the most widely adopted new qualifications are T Levels, in particular the T Level in Health.

What is T Level Health?

T Level Health is a 2-year course including a minimum of 9 weeks working with an employer in an industry placement leading to a level 3 qualification.

Who will be studying T Level Health?

The course is suitable for anyone wanting a career in health and healthcare. Students can progress into roles such as:







More information on T Levels can be found on the government's website.

How is healthcare taught?

Before students are ‘let loose’ on real patients, there are a variety of teaching techniques and ways they can practise using patient simulators, manikins and clinical skills task trainers. These techniques are called Healthcare Simulation, which is what Sim & Skills specialises in.


What equipment should I use to teach T Level Health?

This is not an exhaustive list but a recommendation based on what we have supplied to colleges teaching health and social care.

Patient Simulators


TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator
Anatomical Charts (high quality laminated)

Anatomical Models

Blood Pressure & Pulse

Basic Life Support


Hand Hygeine

Hospital Beds


Patient Monitoring



Audio/Video Debriefing

This is just a small sample of our most popular products for T Level Health. If you require advice or assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How to use our ADD TO QUOTE feature

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Once you've colalted your wish list just fill in your contact details and submit your quote. We'll draw up a formal quote for you that you can use to raise your purchase order.

Simulators for Teaching T Level Health

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