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Your Essential Back to College Checklist for T-Level Health - Sim & Skills

Your Essential Back to College Checklist for T-Level Health

And just like that, Summer is nearly over and prep for the new T-Level year is well underway.

There's so much to sort and organise. We've want to make tackling the T-Level resource requirements, a little easier.

We've put together the Back to College list, with 5 key resources that will get  the new term off to a great start.

Sim & Skills T Level Health resources list

We've carefully matched the resource list in the T-Level Qualification Specification to the simulators and products best suited to teaching the T-Level Health course.

These resources are already proving to be popular with colleges across the country and can be used for both the Core Component and with the second year Occupational Specialisms.


1. Responsive Manikin

We recommend TERi, the award-winning geriatric patient simulator.

TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator

TERi simulates how an elderly patient moves and feels and is the ideal solution for teaching basic and advanced nursing skills. 

Students can practise supporting the activities of daily living including bathing, clothing changes and hearing aid placement. TERi also allows students to respond to acute medical emergencies, with the ability to practise injections, CPR, auscultation and oxygen administration.

When paired with SimVS patient monitor simulator (sold separately) TERi becomes a fully responsive manikin ideal for teaching T-Level Health.


2. Hand Hygiene Trainer

Hand hygiene trainer with camera

You can't measure what you can't see. The UV hand hygiene trainer with a camera, allows you to assess the effectiveness of your students' hand washing techniques (including the NHS 5 moments of hand hygiene).

Using a UV glow lotion to represent bacteria, the UV light in the inspection cabinet shows any remaining lotion after handwashing. 

Perfect for teaching infection prevention and control in health specific settings.


3. Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

Professional and portable, the Nonin Onyx Vantage Pulse Oximeter accurately measures the oxygen saturation levels of your blood.

The simplest, most user-friendly pulse oximeter on the market, trusted by NHS clinicians for over 10 years.


4. Hospital Bed Suite for Simulation

Hospital Bed Suite for Simulation

 In every healthcare environment from hospital wards to care homes, a bed is an essential piece of equipment to support and care for patients.

The safety of both the patients and the clinicians using the bed is of paramount importance. The INNOV8 simulation bed gives clinicians the opportunity to safely experience operating the controls to smoothly move the bed frame into different positions. Patient-handling techniques can be practised and assessed, allowing for increased patient safety.

Featuring everything you expect to see on a hospital bed, this simulation bed is designed to withstand many years of use and has an affordable price for T-Level Health providers.


5. Anatomy Models

Human Torso Anatomy Model

We have a great range of anatomical models to support the teaching of science concepts and human anatomy systems. From 3D models of the brain to detailed models of cells, we've got everything you need for your T-Level health course.

The classic unisex human torso model is a popular teaching tool, with removable parts to further explore the respiratory and digestive systems.


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