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5 Reasons Why Juno is the Nursing Skills Trainer You Need - Sim & Skills

5 Reasons Why Juno is the Nursing Skills Trainer You Need

Imagine having a manikin that is responsive, realistic and allows you to teach a full range of nursing skills.

Juno has everything you need to prepare nurses for safe, clinical practice. Juno meets your training needs and helps learners to develop critical thinking skills.

From task training to patient scenarios, these are the 5 reasons why Juno is the nursing skills trainer you need.


1. The realism immerses your students in their training

Juno is a mobile, light-weight manikin. Your students can practice supporting patients with Juno’s realistic articulation and range of motion in the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrist. Juno can even be supported into a sitting position.

Juno comes with breath, heart and bowel sounds, adding to the realism.

 Juno Nursing Skills Trainer

2. You can teach a full range of nursing skills

Juno has been designed to support nursing education and allows you to teach a range of skills from vascular access to medication administration.

You can teach Tracheostomy tube placement, Ostomy care, Nasogastric tube insertion and unilateral IV Cannulation.

Prepare your students for real patient care with Juno’s intramuscular sites for medication administration, and urinary catheterisation.


Does your manikin allow you to teach all these skills?

See what else Juno can do.

3. Two patients, one manikin

Juno is interchangeable from a female to a male patient, saving you money and space. Included with Juno is a male chest skin, genitalia and wig, making it simple to switch.

 Juno Nursing Skills Trainer

4. Patient care scenarios in your hands

Juno comes complete with Maestro, CAE’s user-friendly software, that gives you access to 10 pre-programmed simulated clinical experiences.

Task your students with assessing a hip replacement patient or performing post-operative care of a patient with pneumonia.

The software is tablet based, giving you the freedom to facilitate the training and change the patient’s vital sign settings at the touch of a button. Maestro even gives you the ability to create your own scenarios.


Juno Nursing Skills Trainer

5. Be on the move with your manikin

Juno is a completely wireless manikin. Make your patient scenarios mobile and allow your students to practise nursing skills on the move



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