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... A selection of the best T-Level Health resources - Sim & Skills

... A selection of the best T-Level Health resources

Have you got your Santa wish list sorted?

We're pretty certain every T-Level Health teacher is on Santa's nice list, but if  St. Nick can't deliver all your T-Level needs, then Sim & Skills are on hand to help.

We've added 5 products to our Santa wish list that will really bring lessons to life.

Which of these will make your Christmas list?

T-Level Health Christmas List

Put these 5 products on your wish list

Juno Nursing Skills Manikin 

The ideal T-Level Health manikin.

Juno is light-weight, has realistic articulation and can be easily changed from female to male.

Bowel, breath and heart sounds add to the realism.

Practise a range of nursing skills and patient care routines.



Hand Hygiene Trainer

Perfect for teaching infection control techniques.

Visually shows where handwashing techniques need to be improved to be effective. UV gel glows under the light and represents the bacteria left behind after washing.

The camera can be connected to a screen to display to the class.



Hospital Bed Suite for Simulation

Easy to use, simple to clean and incorporates the highest level of safety.

This hospital bed suite includes bed, mattress and bedside cabinet with a folding tray.

Hospital-standard beds at an affordable price for education and a place to put your manikins too!


CPR Cube Pro

Portable and light-weight, the CPR Cube gives you immediate feedback on your CPR performance.

The instructor app allows you to monitor your students' progress, which you can track throughout the year.



Geriatric Empathy Suit

Walk a day in someone else's shoes.

The geriatric empathy suit allows students to experience what it feels like to be an elderly person with reduced mobility and impaired vision.

Weights in the suit simulate the extra muscular effort needed to move and the bendable torso vest forces a hunched posture.


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