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🆓🚚 Have free delivery on us 🆓🚚 click here to apply discount 🆓🚚
Clinical skills trainers designed by clinicians, for clinicians - Sim & Skills

Clinical skills trainers designed by clinicians, for clinicians

Our aim is to offer everything you need to succeed in simulation.

That’s why we’re very pleased to announce our new partnership with Decent Simulators. Allowing us to offer you an even greater range of clinical skills task trainers.

Based in Antrim in Northern Ireland, Decent Simulators manufacture affordable task trainers designed by clinicians for clinicians.

Using their simulation expertise, they rigorously test their trainers, so you can be confident the models are ready to be handled by even the most forceful of learners.

Decent Simulators design their models with functionality in mind. Their goal is to increase user access to training. The models can be easily adjusted to change the difficulty level, allowing you to scaffold and support your learners' needs.

Each model goes through a thorough research and design process, working closely with healthcare professionals to ensure the task trainers are suitable for both teaching and assessment.

See the full range of Decent Simulators clinical skills trainers.

Airway Management task trainer

Suitable for teaching intubation, mask ventilation, laryngoscope techniques and many other procedures. Available in different sizes and genders.



Cricothyroidotomy task trainer (cric)

Features the important landmarks (including hyoid bone), mobile larynx (for 'laryngeal handshake'), with an easy to replace cricothyroid membrane.



Control the Bleed task trainer

Realistic and functional. With adjustable difficulty.



Facial laceration suturing task trainer

Made out of prosthetic grade silicone and 3D printed parts with two layers of strengthening mesh. The task trainer has three tissue layers (dermis, subcutaneous, muscle) plus bone underneath.



Intravenous cannulation task trainer (IV hand)

With realistic flashback and wrist movement.



Catheterisation task trainer

Quick to set up, easy to use and clean.

For both male and female foley catheterisation training.


For a closer look at the range and for more information, contact us

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