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🆓🚚 Have free delivery on us 🆓🚚 click here to apply discount 🆓🚚
Sim & Skills exclusive UK distributor for MSE - Sim & Skills

Sim & Skills exclusive UK distributor for MSE

We’re delighted to announce our new exclusive UK distribution partnership with MSE.

Based in Austria, MSE offer patient simulators with exceptional levels of realism and functionality that allow you to deliver effective simulation training.

Leonardo Adult Patient Simulator SS1045 | Sim & Skills

There are over 50 universities and NHS Trusts across the UK already benefitting from using leading high-fidelity patient simulator Leonardo and Arthur, a paediatric patient simulator.

Our new partnership with MSE means even more Simulation Centres can experience the fidelity and life-like realism of Leonardo and Arthur.

Contact us to find out more and request a demonstration.  

                                     01246  944966


When it comes to high-fidelity patient simulators, there can be a confusing amount of choice.

So why choose the MSE range?

MSE has an excellent reputation when it comes to after-purchase care.

From installation and training options to UK-based technical support, you can be confident you're getting the very best from your patient simulator from the start and getting the help you need if anything goes wrong.

Our dedicated team based in Chesterfield, will continue to offer this high level of support to existing and new customers.

Arthur 3.jpg__PID:1686b0fa-aac3-4025-bfc2-fa7befdf7910


Both Leonardo and Arthur have an incredibly realistic appearance to immerse learners in their scenarios.

Skin blemishes and life-like hair with realistic sizes and body proportions increase the fidelity of these patient simulators.


Leonardo Adult Patient Simulator SS1044 | Sim & Skills

Leonardo and Arthur are available in light and dark skin tones. With high levels of detail, both have been designed with diversity and inclusion in mind.

MSE high fidelity patient simulators move in a way that more accurately reflects how real patients move.

With full articulation of the neck and rotation of the wrists, shoulders and arms. You can even position Leonardo on his front with his arms raised, ready to be ventilated.


The MSE range of patient simulators include intuitive and easy to use software. Arthur and Leonardo come with an instructor tablet and a patient monitor.

The system allows you to build your own scenarios, run pre-templated scenarios or operate on the fly. The patient monitor has up to 7 different waveforms.

Leonardo Adult Patient Simulator SS1044 | Sim & Skills

The debrief viewer features an action log so you can review the steps your learners take and the software offers a real-time CPR performance tracker for instant CPR feedback.


Using MSE’s Smartscope technology for auscultation, you get an incredible clarity of sound. Clearly hear heart, lung and bowl sounds, without interference. This technology is unique to the MSE range.

Want to take a closer look at Leonardo and Arthur?

Contact our team for more information and arrange a demonstration:




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