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Get the Right Man(ikin) for the Job - Sim & Skills

Get the Right Man(ikin) for the Job

You’ve been tasked with finding the right Manikin for your training needs.

But where do you start? Not only is there a huge range of Manikins available, but Manikins differ greatly in what they can do and which clinical skill development they support.

The search for your ideal Manikin starts with understanding the needs of your trainees.

Will you need a Basic Life Support manikin for first aid training, or will you need a full-sized manikin that can be used for manual handling practice and assessment?

Check out the candidates vying to be your next leading manikin and see who gets your vote.


Brayden- The Best Candidate for CPR and Basic Life Support Training

Brayden CPR Manikin

The award-winning Brayden manikin has an innovative system of lights to allow students to understand how and why CPR is needed.

This cost-effective manikin provides real-time feedback on CPR performance. 

The chest compression-indicating lights represent the volume of blood being circulated. These will only fully light when the depth of compressions is over 5cm. 

The blood circulating-indicating lights, represent the flow of blood from the heart to the brain and will only fully light once the rate of compressions is over 100 per minute.

You save £50 when you purchase a 4 pack of Brayden manikins.



TERi- The Best Candidate for Geriatric Patient Simulation

Teri Geriatric Patient Simulator

Teri realistically simulates how an elderly patient moves and feels and allows you to practice all the skills needed to care for and support older people.

Teri enables trainees to develop skills in dignified geriatric care including,

– Essentials of Patient Care

– Movement Assistance and Fall Prevention

– Activities of Daily Living

– Basic and Advanced Nursing Skills

– Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergencies


 The Best Candidate for Paediatric Baby Advanced Life Support Training

Paediatric ALS Manikin for Babies

 This is a comprehensive training manikin to support teaching Paediatric Advanced Life Support techniques with babies

Students can practice mask ventilation, intubation, IV, and intraosseous needle insertion.

The trainer comes with a soft carry bag, and has a selection of replaceable parts to ensure the manikin lasts even longer.


The Best Candidate for your Full-Body Manikin Training Needs

Full Body CPR Manikin

This light-weight CPR/Trauma manikin has joint mobility for ease of positioning in all types of environments.

Featuring fully articulated limbs, anatomical landmarks for determining proper hand position for compressions and a Carotid pulse controlled by a squeeze bulb.


Lucy- The Best Candidate for Maternity and Neonatal Birthing Simulation Training

Lucy Maternal & Neonatal Birthing Simulator

Lucy is designed to provide a comprehensive and economical birthing experience from prenatal to postnatal delivery scenarios.

Anatomically accurate, she allows students to experience realistic normal and abnormal deliveries. The quality and simple design make Lucy easy to use and care for while teaching birthing techniques for all levels of educator training.



Rescue Randy- The Best Candidate for Patient Handling and Rescue Training

 Rescue Randy Rescue and Patient Handling Manikin

Literally a head-turner. And a waist, wrist and elbow joint mover. Rescue Randy is perfectly suited to manual handling and patient rescue simulation.

The waist flexes and bends which allows this manikin to be inserted and then extricated from very tight spots.


 Barry Bariquin- The Best Candidate for Bariatric Patient Simulation

Barry Bariquin Bariatric Mannequin

Each mannequin consists of 15 weighted parts, with the heaviest bag weighing 16kg, about the weight of a holiday suitcase. Each bag connects using a system of decals that identify where each section fits together.

A Bariquins' Bariatric Mannequin can be assembled and taken apart in just 10 minutes. Its unique assembly system means only one trainer is needed to carry each part and assemble the mannequin.



KERi- The Best Candidate for Complete Nursing Skills Simulation 

Keri Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

This is the best manikin for practising a range of nursing skills including gastrostomy procedures, enema administration, catheterisation and pap smears.

Keri has full articulation with a lifelike range of motion. The manikin has realistic patient positioning and moves just like a real person.

Although Keri has an overall female appearance, the manikin can be converted to male by removing the wig and attaching the male genitals.









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