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What’s got 4 legs, a head and a foot but can’t walk? - Sim & Skills

What’s got 4 legs, a head and a foot but can’t walk?

A bed!

But not just any old bed. A hospital bed designed for healthcare simulation.

Okay, we know, beds may not seem like the most exciting simulation purchase, but they are an essential part of your simulation centre.

Creating an authentic clinical learning environment, helps your students and clinicians feel fully immersed in any training scenario.

Whether you’re building a simulation facility from scratch or updating your current offer, realistic simulation centre equipment that replicates the real healthcare world, helps students to learn more effectively.

Hospital Bed Suite for Simulation

But it’s not just the beds you’ll need. Here are the essential items that will be the foundation of your simulation suite.

INNOV8 Caretek Hospital Bed Suite for Healthcare Simulation


In every healthcare environment from hospital wards to care homes, a bed is an essential piece of equipment to support and care for patients.

The safety of both the patients and the clinicians using the bed is of paramount importance. The INNOV8 simulation bed gives clinicians the opportunity to safely experience operating the controls to smoothly move the bed frame into different positions. Patient-handling techniques can be practised and assessed, allowing for increased patient safety.

Featuring everything you expect to see on a hospital bed, this simulation bed is designed to withstand many years of use and has an affordable price for clinical education.

 Simulation hospital bed

Loaded 6 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart for Simulation

The perfect accompaniment to your simulated hospital bed is the Emergency Crash Cart for simulation. The cart contains all the supplies and simulated medicines needed for teaching adult and paediatric life support.

Allow your trainees to experience using medications and medical supplies in a safe and controlled environment.

The emergency crash carts come with 5 or 6 drawers and feature airway and intubation supplies, simulated medications and IV fluids for resuscitation training.

 Simulation emergency crash cart

 Simulated Headwall with Compressor and Vision Private Flat Wall with Air Compressor

Complete your simulation suite with our latest range of simulated head walls and flat walls with air compressors.

Give your students the most authentic healthcare training environment by providing opportunities to use oxygen and air flow meters, humidifiers, nasal cannulas and suction collection canisters. The simulated headwalls can be customized to meet your individual training needs.

The vision private flatwall package is designed for simulation suites, so it’s easy to install and maintain.


Simulated headwall with compressor



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