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Teach T-Level Health Students Clinical Skills Without Breaking The Budget - Sim & Skills

Teach T-Level Health Students Clinical Skills Without Breaking The Budget

If you are in charge of developing a T-Level Health course at your college or school, then you are probably feeling quite overwhelmed right now.

The range of products and equipment you could purchase is vast, so how do you know you’re getting the right equipment, to provide your students with the clinical skills they need to progress into the healthcare workforce?

T Level Health Qualification Specification

The other consideration when sourcing equipment is budget. Although funding is available, with any new course, it’s difficult to know how many students will enrol, placing limits on the amount of money available for medical simulation equipment.

At Sim & Skills, we understand how tight budgets can be and we aim to provide industry-standard equipment that is affordable and accessible. 

These are our Top 5 products to allow you to do more with less. Great value simulation equipment and training models that support the teaching of multiple clinical skills.


Nursing Simulation Training Starter Kit

This comprehensive training kit comes with hyper-realistic anatomical models which can be used individually or with manikins.

Included in the kit are both male and female catheterisation trainers, injection pads, a blood glucose test trainer and moulage wound care tattoos.

The Simulation starter kit allows students to learn individually or in small groups.

The kits are available in light and dark skin tones.


Basic Buddy CPR Manikin Multipacks with optional CPR feedback


The Basic Buddy CPR manikin is robust, light-weight with an easy-to-clean durable plastic head.

Simple to assemble and anatomically correct with palpable landmarks for hand placement and compressions.

This manikin set is available with different options including 5 adults and 5 infant manikins. This economical option allows you to provide each student with their own CPR manikin.


TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator

The realism of this award-winning Geriatric simulator needs to be seen, to be believed. TERi moves and feels just like an elderly patient, perfect for practising the skills needed for dignified geriatric care.

Students can practise supporting activities of daily living including bathing, clothing changes and hearing aid placement. 

TERi also allows students to respond to acute medical emergencies, with the ability to practise injections, CPR, auscultation and oxygen administration.


Deluxe Dual Sex Human Muscle Torso Model

This dual-sex torso is a complete tool for teaching human anatomy.

Featuring all the major organs, as well as superficial and deep muscles, the torso has exchangeable male and female genitals.

The 6-part head allows students to discover the internal structures of the brain. 

Students can study the vertebrae, spinal cord and spinal nerves and explore the intestinal tract.


SimScreen Standard Simulation Panel

The SimScreen Simulation panel is an affordable way to create a mobile Simulation Suite.

Cost-effective and portable, it facilitates effective observation, patient communication and teaching during medical simulation. 

The SimScreen uses Mirrorpane, commonly known as a 'two-way mirror' and gives students the opportunity for independent clinical decision-making without relying on cues from the tutor.






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