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How Your T-Level Health Course Can Stand Out From The Crowd - Sim & Skills

How Your T-Level Health Course Can Stand Out From The Crowd

One of the biggest concerns of T-Level course providers is the ability to provide state-of-the-art equipment and resources, according to a survey by the National Federation for Educational Research (NFER).

The NFER research highlighted worries tutors have about the need to provide students with industry-standard equipment, so they will be well prepared to start their placements.

High-quality provision not only benefits the students’ learning and development but also enhances the reputation of the college to both placement providers and future students.

At Sim & Skills, we provide medical simulators, basic life support equipment and clinical skills trainers that are used by hospitals across the country. Your students can learn and develop their skills using industry-standard equipment, to ensure they are ready to enter the healthcare workforce.

If you want your T-level Health course to stand out from the crowd and offer students realistic learning environments, then take a look at these medical simulation products which will offer enviable facilities.


One of the most beneficial technological developments in medical simulation is the use of Audio and Visual recording and debriefing systems. These systems create incredibly realistic training conditions, designed to be flexible and meet the needs of each clinical scenario. The recordings provide tutors and students with a debriefing facility that allows for evaluation and assessment of the processes.

SIMStation for T Level Health Simulation Suites

SIMStation is the best option for your Health Simulation Suite. SIMStation’s AV simulation systems provide realistic, controlled and goal-oriented simulation training, that delivers everything you need.

The state-of-the-art hardware and technically advanced software is very simple to set-up. SIMStation take you through all the steps to achieving your perfect Health Suite Simulation set-up. 

SIMStation Enterprise is a fully customisable product, designed to meet the needs of each college’s individual requirements. Whatever size building, configuration of space or numbers of students you have, all needs can be met using this highly flexible system.

SIMStation for T Level Health Simulation Suite

SIMStation’s software allows for the targeted recording, control and transmission of all your simulation data, giving you full transparency and evaluation of the simulation process.

Every debriefing player is also a transmission player. Simulations can be broadcast live to multiple rooms at the same time.

In addition, you have the option to export your recordings in a cross-platform video format which gives you the ability to produce training videos. Your simulation videos can be stored as files ready to be edited and used online for remote learning.

Find out more about the potential of SIMStation here

TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator

The realism of this award-winning Geriatric simulator needs to be seen, to be believed. TERi moves and feels just like an elderly patient, perfect for practising the skills needed for dignified geriatric care.

TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator LF04300 | Sim & Skills

Students can practise supporting activities of daily living including bathing, clothing changes and hearing aid placement. 

TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator LF04300 | Sim & Skills

TERi also allows students to respond to acute medical emergencies, with the ability to practise injections, CPR, auscultation and oxygen administration.

Interactive Immersive Spaces

With an interactive immersive space, you can bring your T-Level Health curriculum to life.

How does an Interactive Immersive Space work?

Using multiple high definition laser projectors, a 360 degree still or moving image is beamed onto all four walls of a room and even the floor, turning your classroom into a lifesize, interactive learning experience.

Using either predefined roleplay scenarios or ones bespoke to your course content, you can use the immersive space technology to create a realistic training environment, featuring a hospital ward, a patient’s home or the inside of an ambulance. Whatever scenarios you need for your teaching.

Gener8 Interactive Immersive Spaces for Healthcare Education available from Sim & Skills

This technology can then be combined with simulation equipment such as manikins to create a Mixed Reality (MR) learning environment.

Gener8 Interactive Immersive Spaces for Healthcare Education available from Sim & Skills

The Gener8 Immersive Software, also allows you to teach students the anatomy and physiology elements of your T-Level Health course in a fully interactive way.

Take a look  to see what's possible


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