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Create an Outstanding Health Simulation Suite for your T-Level Health Course - Sim & Skills

Create an Outstanding Health Simulation Suite for your T-Level Health Course

The aim of the Health T-Level is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to step straight into the healthcare workforce.

To achieve this, your college or school will need to provide a professional learning environment that features industry-standard facilities.

Health T-Level Product Guide

A Health Simulation Suite, equipped with high-quality facilities, will allow students to immerse themselves in a realistic healthcare or hospital environment, so they will be ready to take on their industry placements.

T-Level in Health Simulation Health Suite

At Sim & Skills, we have a great selection of products that can support students to develop essential healthcare skills.

  • Students can gain hands-on experience with the latest medical technology and life-like patient manikins.
  • Develop their knowledge of the main anatomy systems with our anatomical and physiological models
  • Understand the needs of patients with our ageing suits
  • Experience key clinical skills with our blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters

We recommend these great products to create a Health Simulation Suite that will offer students the very best specialist equipment.

Create a realistic hospital ward for student role-play scenarios:

  • Hospital-standard patient beds
  • SimScreens, an affordable way to create a simulation centre within a small space. Allowing you to observe and assess your students during medical simulations
  • UV Hand Hygiene training kits

Patient Manikins and Simulators

Adult patient simulators for

    • nursing skills
    • treating and caring for elderly patients
    • birthing skills

Infant Simulators

Paediatric manikins from newborns through to preteens

Specialist Geriatric Patient Care Equipment.

Our aged simulation suit allows students to fully understand the physical needs of elderly patients

Practical Anatomical and Physiological Models

From charts and posters to anatomical training models, students can gain an understanding of how different body systems work

Simulated Wounds

Students gain practical experience treating wounds, illnesses and diseases in patients, whilst understanding the effects on the body

Checking Patient Vital Signs

From blood pressure simulation to pulse oximeters, students can experience checking a patient’s vital signs

Our patient monitor allows students to check multiple signs including pulse, blood pressure, ECG and Respiratory rate


If you are ready to equip your T-Level Health Suite and require a bespoke quote get in contact today and we can help you achieve your aims.



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