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Take your scenarios to the next level with iRIS and Sim & Skills - Sim & Skills

Take your scenarios to the next level with iRIS and Sim & Skills

Healthcare simulation is a safe space where new skills and techniques can be practised and perfected before dealing with real patients.

Learners can review their knowledge, reflect on their performance and improve.

It's equally as important to reflect on the teaching and learning that is happening in our scenarios, in order to ensure the quality of Simulation Based Education (SBE) is of a consistently high standard. 

Scenarios pieced together on the fly are unlikely to meet the learning objectives for the session and risk creating inconsistencies when it comes to quality.

Well-planned simulation scenarios, that are reviewed frequently allow you to:

  • Ensure the quality of your teaching remains high across all courses
  • Plan out your timetable, resources and staff
  • Identify where improvements can be made

But all of this takes time. 

iRIS, the simulation authoring software is the ideal tool that allows you to do all of this and more. 

iRIS scenario authoring software

Intuitive and easy to use, Core iRIS gives you the power to design your own simulations and collaborate with others in your department and the wider simulation community.

  • It gives you access to a library of hundreds of Fairshare scenarios to use.
  • Scenarios can be reviewed and co-constructed by peers to enable a continuous process of improvement.
  • Recognised standards of Best Practice in Healthcare Simulation are built into the system. The wizard allows you to map your courses and scenarios to the standards and tips and guides are provided throughout the scenario development process.

Healthcare Simulation standards built-in

Healthcare simulation standards built in to iRIS

The new partnership between iRIS and Sim & Skills gives you all the benefits of Core iRIS and access to a brand-new concept in Simulation.

Sim & Skills new partnership with iRIS scenario authoring platform

Sim & Skills with Alex Clark and Phil Purver from iRIS, signing our new partnership deal.


Student Powered Simulation

This innovative approach allows you to put your students in charge of their learning with greater potential for self-directed study.

It also allows you to scale your simulation and use it to solve the student placement capacity problem.

As part of Student Powered Simulation, we are pleased to be able to offer you StudentSim by iRIS.

StudentSim gives students the power to develop their own simulation scenarios.

iRIS Scenario Authoring Software

Allowing students to take control of their own learning by:

  • Designing their own simulation scenarios with tutor support
  • Carrying out purposeful research to develop the scenarios
  • Making links across multiple areas of the curriculum

With the StudentSim software, you can support your students throughout the design process and check they are making progress.

Join our virtual event on 27th September to learn how you can use Student Powered Simulation and StudentSim in your teaching.

Student Powered Simulation

Find out more about iRIS and StudentSim

Contact Sim & Skills to find out more about iRIS

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