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Give your IV Arm a Helping Hand and get the Long-Term Benefits - Sim & Skills

Give your IV Arm a Helping Hand and get the Long-Term Benefits

What can you do to extend the life of your Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Arm?

The Advanced Venepuncture and Injection arm is a durable and long-lasting simulator, offering its users the potential for hundreds of injections. With replaceable parts available, it is also a sustainable skills trainer.

However, the correct care is needed to ensure the longevity of the skin and veins.

How long will my IV trainer last?

This is a difficult question to answer, as each training provider will use the simulator differently. However, we have some top tips to ensure your Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Arm is fit for purpose and will provide trouble-free usage for a long period of time.

The size of the needle

The life-span of the IV skin and veins can be prolonged by using smaller needles. We recommend using a 22 gauge needle when practising venepuncture and cannulation. If instruction with larger needles is required, this is possible, but will mean the skin and veins will need to be replaced sooner.

 Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Arm (Optional Pump) LF01126 | Sim & Skills

Maintaining and Storing your Simulator

To keep your IV arm in good working order for as long as possible, it will need to be cleaned after each training session, including flushing out fluid.

Why is it important to flush out IV arms?

If you leave fluid in an IV arm, over time bacteria will cause mould growth. Mould and other particles will clog the vein tubing.

To help prevent mould growth, always use distilled or deionised water when making simulated blood. Distilled and deionised water have been through treatment processes which remove impurities and reduce the ability of mould-causing bacteria to form.

After each training session, drain the simulated blood and flush the arm and pump with clean distilled or deionised water.


Cleaning IV Arm Veins
Spot the difference: a brand new vein and an old one with mould


Long-term Storage

When your IV arm needs be stored for longer periods between training sessions, periodically flush the veins and pump with Isopropyl Alcohol. IPA kills any bacteria present in the system and will stop mould forming.

 Mould in Venepuncture Veins

Replacing IV Arms Skins and Veins

Even with impeccable cleaning and storage, eventually the veins and skin will reach the end of their useable life. However, there’s no need to buy an entirely new simulator. With the Advanced Venepuncture Injection arm, only the skin and the veins need to be replaced. 

Once the skin and veins have been replaced you'll have the look and feel of a brand new arm without the cost of a brand new arm. Giving you a simulator that offers great value for money.

Replaceable parts are an ideal way to ensure your IV arm continues to be in top working condition, ready to meet your training needs.

Take a look to see how the skin and veins can be replaced.



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