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Nasco Healthcare in the UK: Sim & Skills Supplier Spotlight - Sim & Skills

Nasco Healthcare in the UK: Sim & Skills Supplier Spotlight

Sim & Skills is an authorised distributor for Nasco Healthcare products in the UK


Sim & Skills offers over 2000+ products manufactured by Nasco Healthcare. Internationally renowned for the Simulaids® and Life/form® brands, Nasco Healthcare has been producing the broadest range of healthcare simulators and manikins for decades.

Sim & Skills is an authorised distributor for Nasco Healthcare, Simulaids and Life/form products in the UK

Nasco Healthcare's Long-term Strategy

From February 2021, the Simulaids® and Life/form® brands are being phased out. To clarify, the proudcts are still being manufactured, but in order to unify the brand and mission, Nasco Healthcare will be the overarching brand for all things relating to healthcare simulation and clinical skills.



Nasco Healthcare's Mission in their own words

At Nasco Healthcare, our mission is to prepare frontline healthcare workers to be ready to deliver optimal patient outcomes and save lives, whenever and wherever they are called.



Nasco Healthcare - Be Ready

Ready to answer the call.
Ready to make split-second decisions.
Ready to deliver when it counts.
Ready for any situation.



NASCO Healthcare has the broadest range of medical simulation products in the world. Our products enable our everyday heroes to be at their best, the moment they are called upon. Every Nasco Healthcare product is:

  • Rugged, reliable and hyper-realistic 
  • 100% hand-made in the USA to ISO9001
  • Compliant to healthcare regulations
  • Covered by up to a 5-year warranty
  • Future-proof with easily upgradeable and replaceable parts


At Sim & Skills, we share this vision and we are proud to supply Nasco Healthcare products to our customers in the United Kingdom.



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