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Top 10 Alternatives to Laerdal CPR Manikins - Sim & Skills

Top 10 Alternatives to Laerdal CPR Manikins

Laerdal’s Little Anne may be the most well-known basic life support manikin, but not following the crowd is the best way to differentiate yourself from other trainers in the fiercely competitive first aid training market.

Here are the 10 best alternatives to Laerdal CPR manikins that you should definitely consider to improve your training.

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1. Brayden Advanced CPR Manikin

The Brayden Advanced range of CPR manikins has become instantly recognisable for its LED lights that illuminate the manikin’s torso and head. These lights aren’t for decoration, they send a serious message to those who learn CPR about WHY we do it.

Learners LOVE the simple instant feedback!

The LEDs light up when the rescuer performs good quality chest compressions. First, the lights on the chest illuminate, followed by the neck and then the forehead. This represents the perfusion of the heart, sending oxygenated blood to the victim’s brain – the reason CPR works!

Brayden CPR Manikin with lights

For Basic Life Support Professionals there is a PRO version that measures CPR performance via an app.



2. CPR Prompt Plus with CPR Feedback App

Nasco Healthcare supplies a great array of CPR manikins, but the CPR Prompt Plus has got to be the best value for money. Its durable foam body means there are no plastic struts or springs to break if the learner is overzealous while perfecting their CPR. Unlike inflatable CPR manikins, CPR Prompt cannot puncture, in fact, the manikin body is covered by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

CPR Prompt Plus

The free iOS and Android app, called Heartisense, is available on tablet and smartphone. The app enables you to wirelessly connect multiple CPR manikins to measure CPR performance. The low cost of CPR Prompt means ownership is affordable compared to renting or hiring CPR manikins. This is especially true of the cost-effective CPR training kits for BLS instructors.

Available in Tan and a striking Blue, which is popular with BLS instructors looking for a race-neutral CPR manikin. Like the Brayden, CPR Prompt has an adjustable clicker that means it can simulate adult and child CPR.



3. Bariatric Fred CPR Manikin

‘Fat Old Fred’, as he used to be known in less woke times, represents an obese, elderly gentleman cardiac arrest victim. The size of the patient is one of the most challenging things about performing CPR. Bariatric Fred brings that consideration into the training arena. Fred’s rotund figure also means it moves when having chest compressions performed on it, like a real human patient.



4. Brad Adult CPR Manikin

Often described as ‘bullet-proof’, Brad is another CPR manikin backed by Simulaids’ 3-year warranty. Brad is beloved by CPR instructors across the world because of its easy-to-clean mouthpiece and simple filtered airway system. Constructed from soft vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam, chest compressions feel realistic without compromising durability.

Brad can be adapted to a female version with a skin overlay and is available in both light and dark skin tone.



5. Paul Adult CPR Manikin

Bringing diversity into BLS training is so important. Most manufacturers make dark-skinned versions of their CPR manikins, but to keep costs down, they keep the facial features the same, making it almost tokenistic. Simulaids solved this problem by producing Paul, a CPR manikin with the facial features of an African American adult male.

Paul is designed to be more compact with a slightly longer torso, ideal for teaching abdominal thrust in the treatment of choking.



6. Basic Buddy CPR Manikin

The Basic Buddy range shares the features and benefits of the CPR Prompt range, with a slightly more compact torso.

Basic Buddy Plus is the upgraded version compatible with the Heartisense CPR feedback app. Basic Buddy is available in an eye-catching red colour.



7. Economy Sani-Manikin

Hygiene and sanitisation are particularly high on the agenda during Covid-19. There are few CPR manikins that can boast a truly economical yet safe single-rescuer-use airway system. The combined lung and face shield system means the learner’s mouth never comes into contact with the manikin, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.



8. BT Inc Smart CPR Training Model Sherpa X

BT Inc is a South Korean company whose smart manikin technology is remarkable. The Sherpa X is a basic life support manikin that connects wirelessly to a tablet or smartphone to measure CPR feedback. It also had an LED indicator along the bottom of the manikin in case a tablet is unavailable.



9. Simulaids WMD/CBRNE/Decon Full-Body ALS Trainer

We’ve included this one because it is one of our best-selling CPR manikins. Its fully-articulated body and intubation head make it especially popular with advanced first aid, First Response Emergency Care (FREC), and First Responder On Scene (FROS) courses. 

When paired with the Trauma Moulage Casualty Simulation Kit, this ALS trainer is ideal for traumatic major incident training. This manikin is also available with a BLS head if you’re looking for a basic full-body CPR manikin.



10. CPR Cube

Not a manikin, we know, but a fun little device. The compression pad is made of dense foam and feels similar to compressing a manikin’s chest. The CPR Cube has integrated LED lights that illuminate upon successful compression. When all the lights have been illuminated the cube flashes and buzzes to celebrate your excellent CPR!

This is a novel idea but has some flaws which have been addressed with the soon-to-be-released CPR CUBE 2!



11. CasPeR the CPR Dog

We always over-deliver where we can, so couldn't resist including Casper because many first aid instructors have branched out to include Pet First Aid courses. Animals are susceptible to cardiac arrest, just as humans are. If your pet collapsed, would you know what to do? [blog]

CasPeR the CPR Dog

When you purchase a CasPeR CPR Dog from Sim & Skills we donate to PDSA through our partnership with Work for Good.




Top 10 Alternatives to Laerdal CPR Manikins

  1. Brayden Advanced CPR Manikin
  2. CPR Prompt Plus with Feedback App
  3. Simulaids Fred Bariatric CPR Manikin
  4. Simulaids Brad Adult CPR Manikin
  5. Simulaids Paul Adult CPR Manikin
  6. Basic Buddy CPR Manikin
  7. Simulaids Adult Economy Sani-Manikin
  8. BT Inc Smart CPR Training Model Sherpa X
  9. Simulaids WMD/CBRNE/Decon Full-Body ALS Trainer
  10. CPR Cube PRO
  11. Simulaids CasPeR CPR Dog Manikin

This isn't even all the CPR manikins we offer! View the full range here.

Do you agree with our list? Have we missed your favourite? Tell us in the comments!

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